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Questions In Case Of Pregnancy


It is normal to have different questions in case of pregnancy, if you’re planning to become a mother or if you believe it has already happened! You body goes through many changes, including changes that will take effect on the psyche and your general condition. Your life will now be different and need to change your daily schedule and adopt a healthy lifestyle to take care of yourself and your future baby.

First, do I know I’m pregnant? Follow the signs: (see the article regarding the first signs that you are pregnant): is the menstruation missing, do you feel exhausted, are you often hungry, do you have nausea, have your breasts hardened? You may be pregnant! Among the frequent questions, this one is almost always asked: if menstruation failed to appear for a month, is it certain that I am pregnant? No – menstruation may be missing for other reasons: health, various medical treatments. In addition, you can be pregnant and your period may still appear for a month or two, so it is not a certainty. Therefore, you should follow other signs and necessarily buy a pregnancy test!

Pregnancy tests are safe? The pregnancy test is most effective if you do it about a week from the day you should have had your period, because it is possible to detect the HCG hormone after the fertilized egg is implanted in the uterine lining, and not before. But you can take the test as soon as you suspect something and then repeat it after a period of one week. Choose a sensitive test and do it in the morning, observing strictly the instructions on the box / packaging. If the pregnancy test is positive, congratulations – you will be a mother! And surely you have many questions regarding pregnancy, what to do and what to avoid from now on!

So here are the most common question regarding pregnancy:

Do I need to change my work schedule?

It is not necessary in the first quarter and even until the beginning of the ninth month – with the condition you do not feel totally exhausted, you are not stressed and are not working in a potentially hazardous environment. For example, if you work in an polluted environment, toxic or dangerous, then you have the right to ask for a transfer. If you feel very tired or stressed, the program requires a shorter time or a lunch break during which to relax. Usually, you will have no difficulty in meeting your professional responsibilities. This requires, however, help with home chores, so ask your husband to do some of them during pregnancy, because you have to make sure you get some rest.

Many of the questions in the case of pregnancy refer to diet and what is allowed and forbidden to eat. How much weight will you gain? How much weight is normal? What diet to have?

Weight gain depends on each woman and her previous weight, her age, the number of pregnancies, metabolism, lifestyle (sedentary or not). In early pregnancy, you’ll get about a kilogram every month or even more: you can get to a gain of 3 kilograms in the first quarter. Then, in the second and fourth quarter, you will get about ten or fifteen kilograms.

The diet should be healthy, so you must have regular and frequent meals. It’s the time when you have to be most careful regarding how and what you eat! Remember, do not eat for two, but eat when you feel the need too, without feeling full. Quality is important, not quantity!

So do not think about using a diet to reduce weight gain – not only will you have problems, but the baby will be affected too: if you do not reach a normal weight, you can experience a premature birth, have an underweight baby, with anaemia or you may even have a miscarriage! Eat when you are hungry and always choose healthy foods, and fresh as well. Golden rule: fruits, vegetables and lots of water or natural juices (watch the sugar concentration). Make sure you cover your diet’s needs of proteins, minerals, vitamins, calcium, folic acid. Avoid coffee (less than one cup daily), fast food, fat, sweets in excess, alcohol.

To stay in the area of interest of weight gain, other frequently asked questions during pregnancy refer to the sport. Are you allowed to play sports or not? What kind of sport? It is actually better to have physical activity, especially in the first two quarters, as in the third it’s more important to rest. But do not choose a strenuous sport that requires much effort and strength. Do not try fitness exercises, do not lift weights, do not exaggerate with jumping, bending, sudden movements. Ask your doctor if you are allowed to do sports, because certain conditions could mean that you are prohibited from trying any energetic movement: if you have a heart disease or respiratory or if you have a multiple pregnancy. If you’re perfectly healthy, you could try regular long walks, swimming, yoga, dance or special gymnastics for pregnant women. Drink plenty of water during exercise, wear a bra to support your breasts well and as soon as you feel too tired or if you have any dizziness, stop the exercise.

Regarding this issue, another question is about cellulite and stretch marks: can we avoid them? Unfortunately, you cannot totally avoid the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks, as they are hereditary. Try light massage in risk areas – thighs, breasts, buttocks, tummy – and maintain hydration. Long walks can also help, as well as avoiding sedentary behaviour (yes, it is better not to stand all day long, but do not sit all day long either!).

Can I have sex? Yes, if the pregnancy progresses normally; in the first two quarters you should not have problems in being sexually active, if not suffering from any disease. It is important to adopt a comfortable and relaxing sex position: the spoon is the recommended, as penetration is enjoyable and you can also support the tummy. In the last months of pregnancy, it is recommended to stop having sex.

Other frequently asked questions in case of pregnancy:

Is it normal that I go often to the bathroom? Yes, urination becomes extremely common because of pelvic pressure, while a high consumption of liquid needs to be ensured.

It is normal if I do not see as well? Yes, some pregnant women have increasingly blurred vision caused by fluid accumulation.

If I have severe pain, can I take pills? Throughout pregnancy, it is generally recommended to stay away from any drugs, especially antibiotics. But even aspirin or ibuprofen can be very risky, so ask your doctor what you can take and only if the pain is intense.

Am I allowed to have vaccines? Generally, no! Live vaccines lead to an increased risk for the baby. If you suffer from diabetes or another serious condition, your doctor may recommend a vaccine, but otherwise avoid them.


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