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Raising A Pet In An Apartment

Certainly we all need companionship and we often satisfy that urge by acquiring pets. Some people live in apartments and here is where the issue of apartment pets comes into play.

Some apartments are large and some small. Before you decide to bring a pet into the picture, you need to honestly look at what you will do with such a pet: Will it withstand the confines of an apartment and can the apartment stand the demands of a pet? For sure you're not going to be bringing in a horse or livestock, but sometimes people do have some large dogs they'll want to have as apartment pets and that can be frustrating for the apartment owner, the landlord and the pet. Big animals, active animals, like dogs, need room to run in. They're not layabout creatures like cats and they're not confined to an environment like fish. The alternatives however are numerous and less stressful on energy and budget. You might consider getting a cat instead.

If a cat isn't your fancy, then perhaps consider a more contained creature, but just as cuddly and furry, like a hamster or perhaps a guinea pig. They make wonderful pets and can enjoy the confines of an apartment as long as you don't stress them out by placing them next to the stereo or TV and blasting music in their direction.

Making sure to prevent damage from its claws and spraying, a cat is a wonderful example of apartment pets that are easily manageable. They're easy to take care of and dont eat much, so that lessens the need to budget in large masses. You can also leave them alone for several days should you venture out of town and they'll be okay upon your return as they have automatic feeding systems available at your local pet store.

If you are interested in such reptilian or amphibian fare, then turtles, salamanders and even chameleons might be of interest.

In any case, think in terms of your ability to care for apartment pets and you'll see where you can fit one in.

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