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The registry cleaning software Registry Mechanic offers a whole range of highly performing tools, all of them included in a well organized interface which is easy to use, made for helping your computer regain its running speed.

What is Registry Mechanic?

In a nutshell, this software has its main attribution in detecting registry errors and it’s also a tool through which users can remove other software applications without going through the usual Control Panel albeit this feature only works for Windows operating systems newer than Windows XP. This software is much more than a simple application for cleaning the PC as it also includes a whole pack of tools to keep the computer safe, a Windows securing application and a plug-in designed to instantly fix errors, thus improving the digital experience of the user.

Registry Mechanic offers a simple and efficient way to clean and even fix serious errors in users’ computers. The entire process needs a few easy-to-follow steps: Initially, the applications make a registry backup in order to prevent any kind of problems that might emerge if the application fails; then, the user is required to click the ‘scan’ button and the fixing errors process begins. This registry repairing and cleaning software is so simple that all the user needs to do is to follow the steps thoroughly described in the application and then it scans and fixes the registry in the user’s computer without any further inconveniences. Each set of errors is classified in distinct categories and is described briefly to the user according to its level of overall importance in order to help the users understand which error needs urgent repairing and which registry key needs to be removed completely.

As far as the operating mode of the application is concerned, this software is easy and fast to install and, whilst in the installation process, the users can also tick a box authorizing the application to make a quick scan each time the computer is restarted. The scanning and fixing process resembles a lot with the one used by other registry cleaning software. Both the untrained and the professional users with this kind of software will be impressed by the easiness of use in this software, by the clarity of the layout and by the simplicity of the buttons and the overall interface. Besides all these, the user also has a modifiable dialogue screen and some users’ guide which can turn out to be highly useful for the inexperienced users who never heard about what the registry is and what it stands for.

Registry Mechanic scans quite fast and users can also set the automatic scan their registry to detect the errors, to scan certain sections of the hard-drive and even to scan the entire Windows operating system for errors. Using the option called ‘System Monitor’, the user can also measure the degree of usage of the resources in the user’s computer. This software intervenes by increasing the running speed of the computer and its relevant advantage is that it isn’t using only one method but more, which increases its efficiency. When the user opens the software, he will not be taken straight to the stage where registry errors are being detected – which admittedly would be easier for the beginners, but the software will reveal the path of the error in order to facilitate the user’s attempt to remove it manually – this way of dealing with the errors is particularly better than any automatic way when the system faces spywares and malwares which usually turn out to be very difficult to remove.

As far as the installation is concerned, the Registry Mechanic software is highly compliant and the installation process takes a few minutes at most for older computers. The PC Tool option requires downloading some files from the Internet, albeit the software as a whole will work without this also. Once the download is complete, all the user needs to do is to run the software’s setup and follow the step-by-step instructions on the screen.

From the tech support perspective, the support menu is one that offers instant access to the instruction manual which is very good organized and provides useful information. Amongst the online help options, the user has access to PC Tools Labs and to Windows Registry Guide, to many discussions forums, FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) sections, e-mail support and even the possibility to engage in live chat with a programmer or a salesperson in order to purchase the software. The user’s guide offers answers to most of the questions one might have and it’s particularly useful for beginners in these matters.

The Registry Mechanic software is highly competitive as far as user’s safety is concerned whilst navigating over the Internet, as the software offers the possibility of identifying the problems that might occur and the option of backup and restore in case the user mistakenly deletes something important without which the computer’s registry can no longer function properly.

In conclusion, this registry cleaning software is a highly efficient, easy to install and friendly software that provides important information about the nature of each problem that occurs in the system and it’s doing it in a manner that is easy to understand even for the less experienced users. If you are looking for a software that targets the average user and does a good job as far as registry cleaning is concerned, then Registry Mechanic is arguably the best and the most inspired choice one could possibly make. This software was also awarded in 2010 with the SoftwareLoad awards and it is, at this point, one of the best tools on this market branch. Because the software has a highly sophisticated detection algorithm, the users that cannot or would not purchase the product can also opt for free scans of their personal computer but without the possibility of automatically cleaning the registry.


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