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Romanian Myths – Beauty Clothed In Mystery

Although in recent years they have fallen into oblivion, Romanian myths should be studied and deserve the same extent as those of other nations. Although quite a few items have survived until today, they show a great complexity of mythology, in which nature is mixed with elements of cosmology, the life-death cycle, but also with Christian symbols. Romanian mythology includes a number of supernatural beings, picturesque characters and stories more or less scared that deserve to be shared.

First of these myths that can be mentioned in the Romanian ethnogenesis is the myth of Trajan and Dochia. The latter is said was the daughter of Decebalus, whose beauty was the great love with the Roman leader. To get rid of watching, the girl is even willing to throw herself from a height, to find their death. There are several versions about what happened, saying the village was turned into a rock with his sheep, which had the same fate, by Mary. Dochia Rocks is one Romanian is myths about spring and fight it with winter. Dochia was a terrible mother including by today's standards, and forcing her daughter, which had given consent to marry her son to wash a ball of black wool and make it white. Failing to do so, the young remain hopeless hands in ice water until it receives a divine, which consists of a red flower that can change the color of the ball. Dochia terribly angry at learning the news, so goes to find out exactly what was Nora up to. Along the way, throw the 9 coats on because it seemed warm at that time, but as usually happens in spring, the weather suddenly became frosty and old froze, making it according to legend, a stone sheepfold.

In terms of mythical creatures Romanian legends, they are either extremely attractive or frightening and put the bad. In the first category racer, a character often used in Romanian literature, stand and the image of the famous poem Luceafarul same name, written by Mihai Eminescu, especially now in the works "Calin, file the story." Racer is considered as shown in the dreams of girls and unmarried women as an attractive man. Although arouses fear as much as attraction, he can take over their minds, making them unable to think about someone else or to take their normal life, until an incantation that specific issue. It is considered that the racer was originally a man unhappy in love, who after death became an entity in search of some sort of revenge. Is often used as a symbol of longing.

And as no man can be safe from temptation they recorded the existence of Fairies in Romanian myths, mythological beings that appear as attractive women who dance, nested in transparent fabrics, and even without clothes. They cannot be seen, and at night can bring people to their madness. Fairies, called dragaice, often play tricks on the living, often diverting them to perdition, what makes this myth to be very similar to mermaids or nymphs.

Last of the Romanian myth is perhaps the most terrifying, especially after some quite recent events, in which corpses were unearthed in order enterprise specific rituals. It is called the strigoi myth, the creature turned from death with the aim of terrorizing the living. It says that some ghosts are born with this nature, with distinctive signs as a kind of hood, an extension of the spine in the form of tail or horns as they seem. Although they lead normal lives, they have the ability to fascinate extremely easy. They can return after death to scare the living, or to bring calamity as drought, animal death or separation of spouses. Furthermore, if family members start to die one after another, as happens in all sorts of outbreaks, it was obvious that the first dead become undead and "carry them all to the cemetery." To stop the destructive action, it was unearthed, usually being placed as the mouth and nails have grown blood (signs of decomposition) His heart was removed and burned or pierced with a stake, which punished criminal today, as we seen. Ghosts could occur if a cat crossed over the casket, coffin, etc. if it was shaken, so that the burial should be done carefully.

Romanian myths also says that ghosts had several ways of transformation being able to turn into wolves or fierce dogs (a kind of werewolves) and moroii spirits of young children, unbaptized dead, returning to ask for milk. Although at present these legends mostly remained at the superstate, and reality often proves stranger than fiction.

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