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Screen Capturing Software Any Capture Screen


The screen capturing software-  Any Capture Screen is a screen capturing software which can take screenshots of your desktop, being one of the easiest and most intuitive of its kind. This soft allows the capturing of the screen under different forms – rectangular, in an eclipse form, a window and in different, customizable forms. With the help of this program you can capture and take DVD images, shots from video games and web pages of high dimensions which require scrolling.

The screen capturing software – Any Capture Screen has the capacity to save images in BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG and TIFF formats, and images will be automatically opened after saving to be edited, rotated, repositioned,  to modify the lighting and contrast, etc.

On top of this, before you initiate the capture, you can manually modify the capture area, to perfectly integrate with your needs. The software can open images saved by you under the form of tabs, which indicates the name of each captured image and can be used as a viewing application, not just for capturing and editing documents, as help type files, in case of web pages. Compared to other screen capturing software, Any Capture Screen has pretty modest options and reasonable capturing capacities, remaining one of the lightest and most intuitive programs which can be used to capture the screen.

The software allows the user to position a special button in the toolbar of the PC, which you can select to choose the type of screen capturing you want, as well as having an image visualizer with the entire image, pixel by pixel. More than this, when you start selecting an area to capture, the procedure will be a very easy one, because the selected zone will automatically change its color, so that you’ll know what you’re capturing. Unfortunately, Any Capture Screen doesn’t offer a FTP tool nor the possibility to set the image you captured as a wallpaper, nor the possibility to import other images from a digital camera or a scanner.

Among the most important characteristics of this piece of software are:

–        capturing images from a DVD or different video games

–        it supports up to 15 different modes of video capturing

–        it can capture menu bars and drop-down menus

–        it can automatically scroll and capture the contents of an entire window.

–        It has the capacity to modify the color of a selected area

–        automatically saves the properties of its images

–        can export BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG and TIFF formats

–        can copy the captured image in the clipboard

–        can automatically send captured images via email

–        the user can set up hotkeys

–        this software has the capacity to zoom in and out

–        you can undo up to 10 actions

–        can assure a customizable preview

–        allows different modes of editing

From an ease of use point of view, this software is intuitive and user friendly and, you will certainly not need a very techy friend to teach you how it works, as it’s similar to Paint. With the help of this software you can capture your desktop, active windows, open menus, Direct X compatible applications and web pages.

Among the limits of this program are its incapacity to capture individual images, text, video clips or other objects and you won’t have the possibility to capture multi monitors, the editing capacity of this software aren’t that spectacular either, the program being generally inferior to Snagit, another screen capturing program. It however offers a few interesting color effects, a color picker mode which will show you the RGB values of colors that you pass over with the mouse pointer.

From a technical point of view, this software offers a user manual which contain quite a few FAQ sections and an email address in case of more complicated technical problems, without offering tutorials, forums or a telephone number with which you can contact them. This program is somewhat cheaper compared to other competitive programs, while at the same time being much more powerful than them.

If you want/need a piece of software with more capabilities, than it’s recommended that you invest more (just a bit more over the price of Any Capture), as the satisfaction will indeed be greater. If you want a normal screen capturing program, than Any Capture Screen is definitely a right choice.


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