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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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Sex During Pregnancy – Definitely Not A Taboo!


Sex during pregnancy is not generally prohibited, but of course there are instances where a gynecologist who takes care of the pregnant woman prohibits sexual activity. If your gynecologist will advise you to abstain from having intercourse, then it is better to do so, but in the case of a normal pregnancy, you shouldn’t have issues with discontinuation of sexual contact.

Sex during pregnancy is often stopped for fear of both partners, especially the male partner who doesn’t want to harm the child, at which it is added the new body of the woman whose shape both partners are not used with, and which can be considered disgraceful. For this reason, mothers often feel less attractive and refuse to have sex with their partners.

Each of us must know that sex during pregnancy is perfectly safe, unless your doctor indicates otherwise. The fetus is protected by the amniotic fluid and uterine membrane. The mother nature made so that the baby will be safe during intercourse, the mother being able to maintain a moderately active sex life. Of course if you are the adepts of hard sex, we recommend you during pregnancy to try to temper it and experience other types of sex, which, why not, may surprise you in a pleasant way.

During this period, there are needed sex positions where penetration is not too deep; even if the little one is protected, it is better to avoid such positions. Of course, in the first trimester (months I, II and III) sex during pregnancy has far fewer prohibitions than the other two quarters ahead. As the baby grows in size the sexual activity should be reduced, both in intensity and frequency.

In the first trimester, most pregnant women are not willing to have sexual intercourse with their lovers, but there may be some exceptions. The woman’s body goes through major changes and there are a few ladies who go through nausea and who have the most of the time a general malaise. Their partners need to understand them, because in addition to the physical pain that their spouse feels, there appears also a psychological disorder, which makes them need more tenderness and understanding than usual.

The second trimester of pregnancy is when the woman wants to have sexual intercourse. Hormonal changes that occur inside the body greatly enhance her libido. Pregnant women in the second trimester of pregnancy will feel the greatest pleasure during intercourse, the whole body being hungry for touch, maximizing any fingering, and the enlarged breasts will have more than sensitive nipples. Sex during the second trimester will be explosive, the pregnant woman will have unexpected pleasures and will reach orgasm more easily. It is possible that his mother’s pleasure causes the child to move. If that’s the case, don’t panic, the little one is moving precisely because the uterine walls move in turn. The baby did not feel any discomfort, and his movements are perfectly normal.

The third trimester of pregnancy is the one in which sexual activity should be rarely present in the couple’s life or, if possible, avoided. But if the passion of two partners of the opposite sex is so great, you should ask your doctor about the positions he recommends and also to ask his advice regarding the existence or absence of a sex life.

Sex during pregnancy is allowed, but for it to be a pleasant one, both partners should agree. If one of the partners is inhibited by the situation or is afraid to hurt the baby, you should quit. This attitude will compromise the entire act and therefore it is better not to do so. The recommended sexual positions are: modified missionary position, spoon position, woman on top (I and II quarter of pregnancy), position at the bedside and goat on the cliff position.

There are cases in which sex during pregnancy is not recommended: leakage of amniotic fluid, vaginal bleeding of undetermined cause, placenta previa (placenta in an abnormal position) or cervical opening incompletely closed. In the above cases the risk of preterm delivery should be taken into consideration and you should not increase its degree of danger by adding intense sex. It is better in these cases to stop having sexual contact, as your main concern should be the health of the baby.

Note that sexual intercourse must cease immediately if the pregnant woman feels pain or if she bleeds. In these cases we recommend you to go to the gynecologist  and explain him without any embarrassment the whole situation. The doctor will consult the patient and will answer on the causes which led to pain, or bleeding occurrence. As a general conclusion, sex during pregnancy is allowed as long as your gynecologist does not forbid it.


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