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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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Sex Positions During Pregnancy


11-sex-positions-during-pregnancy-768x768 | sindhuja hwa | Flickr

We all know that a pregnancy lasts between 7 or 9 months, so such a long period of time without sex can be a nightmare for most of us. But there are a lot of sex positions that can be practiced during pregnancy so that we do not have to face this nightmare anymore. We need to take into consideration that these sex positions during pregnancy also have their limitations, in those cases where sex during the pregnancy is prohibited, the couple needs to wait those 9 months until they can have intercourse again.

It is not such a big sacrifice taking in consideration that your main interest is to have a healthy baby with no complications. The life of the little one and the health of the pregnant woman are the most important aspects. The most frequent cases where the doctor prohibits sex are: the high risk of premature birth generated by different causes, undiagnosed vaginal bleedings, leakage of amniotic fluid, incomplete closing of the cervical opening, and placement of the placenta in risky positions.

The most common arguments that parents bring up against having sex during pregnancy, are based on the fear of hurting the little one, but this is excluded, because the fetus is protected both by the amniotic fluid and from the membrane of the uterus. If the mother feels the fetus moving, it is not because he felt any discomfort or was hurt in any way. During intercourse the walls of the uterus move, the fetus will feel that and in response will move with them. Even if all these sex positions during pregnancy are safe, it is recommended that, if the mother feels any pain, the intercourse should be stopped immediately. Again, even if the fetus is protected by different layers, rough sex can cause premature birth, and if this happens in the period where the fetus is not well developed, the consequences can be lethal, the little one not being able to survive.

Sex positions during pregnancy can be recommended to you even by your gynecologist that takes care of the pregnancy, and you shouldn’t be ashamed to ask about it. He will give you the best advice and you can trust him because he is the fittest person to do that, besides the fact that he is a doctor and knows some aspects that we ignore, he also knows the evolution of the pregnancy and the risks that might appear during sexual intercourse. If your gynecologist recommends specific sexual positions during your pregnancy then you need to follow on his advice and also, this can be a good time to experiment new positions that can offer you new pleasures, and in the same time it will help you become more intimate as a couple.

These pregnancy sexual positions can be tried without any problems in the first trimester (months I, II and III), but in most cases pregnant women feel really tired in this period, they are nauseous and this can often lead to vomiting, so it’s expected the wish to have sex to be very low in this time. The partner needs to understand that and to be patient because in the second trimester she will make up for the first one. Because of the hormonal changes that the woman goes through in the second trimester (months IV, V and VI) her wish to have sex increases noticeably from her usual one. Her breasts are extremely swollen and her nipples are very vascular, which only increases the pleasure of being touched. The pregnant woman will have an orgasm much faster and it will be intense as never before.

The third trimester (months VII, VIII and IX) accepts positions where the partner does not push on her abdomen and the penetrations is not that deep. There are numerous sex positions during pregnancy. We will try to present the most popular, but you can take into consideration the case where the pregnant woman accepts other known position, but only in the first trimester of pregnancy:

  • Missionary – this position needs to be slightly changed, because the big abdomen cannot be pressed by the weight of the partner. Therefore the pregnant will be laid on the bed with a pillow under her buttocks and with her legs on the shoulders of her partner that will penetrate her by sitting on his knees.
  • Spooning – both partners lay on a side, the man behind the woman, he will penetrate her like this, ignoring the possibility of holding her in his arms. The penetration is not deep in this position, exactly what you need in this period.
  • Cow Girl – the partner lies on his back and the woman sits on him, facing him or with her back at him. During the whole time the woman can control the penetration and the man can enjoy a visual excitation.
  • Edge of the bed – the partner sits on the edge of the bed and the woman will sit on his lap, with her back facing him. The control of the penetration is again left for the woman.

Communication within the couple is extremely important, because in order to have sexual intercourse in different sex positions during pregnancy, both partners need to agree. If one of the partners fears that things will not evolve favorably, it’s better for you not to start anything than to stop in the middle of the intercourse.


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