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Sibiu City

Sibiu city is clearly a special spot of color among Romanian cities, mostly made up of aligned and ordered blocks, which are added from time to time a more special building. However, regarding Sibiu, the whole center represents a true cultural travel in time, one that every Romanian person deserves, at least once in life.

First mentioned in 1191 in a papal document called the Cibinium (the river passing through the city remained with the Cibin denomination), Sibiu city was originally a typical medieval fortress. Relatively guarded, in the place where it is located, the city could develop a lot, thanks to Saxon people, known for manufacturing and administrative skills. Although Saxon population has decreased over a century ago, those remaining are still regarded with respect and appreciation for their lifestyle and traditions.

Especially lately, the city has spread incresingly more, numerous hotels in famous chains and some giant glass buildings, while banks and other businesses took advantage of the influx of tourists in order to expand. The city reached its real heyday, at least in recent years, thanks on the one hand to the title of European Cultural Capital in 2007, which made it famous globally, as well as highly efficient organization of Klaus Johannis, probably the most beloved mayor in the country and even seen by some as a possible savior of Romania.

In Sibiu one can observe that money were invested efficiently, buildings in the center being in impeccable condition. And the old center should be seen entirely as something to be discovered at every step. Ideally would be that the group/individuals to be accompanied by a local or someone who is accustomed with the place, because although there are several passages or doors that initially seem trivial, they lead to other objectives that would be a shame to be missed. But exploring on your own has its advantages. The objectives that are not to be missed:

The Liars Bridge, made of metal, owes its name according to a legend. But despite the fact that it is said it could collapse at telling a single lie by someone who walks on it, it still remained standing. Other popular variant said that on this bridge the lovers of the soldiers promised them that they will wait to come back from the war. But just a few kept their promise … Anyway, this bridge from Sibiu town is truly picturesque.

The Natural History Museum, although quite small, is impressive from the beginning through its very pleasant architecture, with the painting on the ceiling, and then through exhibits. They are quite diverse, including several copies, from a giant moose head, to sharks, ostriches, birds of paradise and even echidne. There are also temporary exhibitions that give a splash of color to the visit. As an interesting element, all visitors receive a postcard instead of a ticket.

The Tower of Evangelical Church is a destination in Sibiu for those who do not have problems with heights. This recommendations is related to the fact that through the stairs it can be seen the sight below; although resistant, tend to scart pretty loud. But if climbing the stairs may scare some, the view deserves it entirely, one being able to see all the old part of the town as in his palm.

Brukenthal Museum of Art is another destination of the city not to be missed. A visitor will not even realize when the hours passed in front of the wonderful works, but also due to the spectacular architecture. In addition, parks are worth visiting, being very clean and well groomed, and other museums; in fact, even simple walking is a great experience, although comfortable shoes are recommended due to stone cubic footas asphalt. In addition, walking will be extended for several hours, but will be enjoyable, few cars having access to the tourist area. Lifting a car by specialized services can prove to be a real show.

Furthermore, what fascinates in this city is that always something happens: an exhibition or a metal concert, a parade of vintage cars or classical music festivals. In fact, it's not surprising to see people playing guitar on a terrace, while others admire and enjoy the music. There are very many foreigners, for example on weekends, a few minutes walk is enough to hear at least three different languages. And probably the most important treasure that Sibiu city has and needs to be mentioned lies in its inhabitants. People, be they sellers, simple passerby or directors to museums, they all are very friendly and ready to help to the point where you are driven to the place you want to arrive in order to make sure you won't get lost. Welcome to Sibiu!

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