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Software – ACD Systems Canvas


The software ACD Systems Canvas is a software application for technical illustrations, which shows a high level of professionalism at every function and option it holds. Canvas can create  sized models to live up to the standards of the  organizations of trade, the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), ANSI (American National Standards Institute), DIN (German Institute for Standardization) and JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) .

The ACD software includes many features that increase accuracy when creating vector illustrations, including the most commonly used tools: “arc radius”, “concentric circle” and “circle radius”, which come to help users who need springs and perfect circles, of very precise dimensions.

After the object has been created using software ACD Systems Canvas, users can edit by modifying its dimensions with the size boxes above the workspace. There is, in this software, the possibility to  measure and count the new objects created, among the tools used for this purpose mentioning: “side dimensioning tool”, “radius dimensioning tool”, “angle dimensioning tool”, “diameter dimensioning tool “,” perimeter dimensioning tool “and” area dimensioning tool “.

The canvas also holds a specialized measurement tools of linear dimensions, which is higher, at least so far, than in any other software for creating illustrations, which enables the measurement of an unlimited number of consecutive lines and  later it groups them.

ACD Systems Canvas allows users to perform highly accurate measurements at a large scale and add comments to each new object created, a useful method if there are projects that are carried out jointly by several users. It is possible to color the only specific part of the project to highlight only certain aspects of it and add comments that will include all relevant information for the project.

The ACD software has, besides the ability to create technical illustrations, the ability to edit digital images. Users can work with vector and raster objects and can apply effects both to the vector and raster effects of both types of objects. ACD Systems Canvas has an impressive number of raster effects that can be applied to vector objects. Besides these options, ACD also provides its users the creation of 3D vector objects, very compelling, users can choose what type of 3D object is to be generated and which the direction of illumination of these objects is.

After, the object can be rotated so that it can be viewed from every possible angle. This option which is part of the software is not up to the standards of CAD software like Autodesk, but is a utility that is included within reason, being very useful for users who do not need complex 3D models.

In terms of compatibility, the software ACD Systems Canvas allows integration of various formats, the users having more than 100 formats to choose from, both for import and export. The software has the ability to import files of “Raw Image” (a difficult format accepted by quite few programs and has the ability to export AutoCAD files. In terms of technical support and ease of use, this software is rather cumbersome and difficult to use because the interface is busy, with lots of drop-down menus hidden and not located in the toolbar. Also, the toolbar contains several buttons and options, the orientation in them being quite difficult, the team of the Canvas still having many improvements to make to this system.

One of the options that come to help user of software ACD Systems Canvas is the assistant Canvas option that gives information, instructions and ideas about the created object. In terms of technical support, the team which created Canvas provides extensive support for this product or provides users with the opportunity to contact the support team either by e-mail and through digital guides that can easily be found online.

For beginners there is a large number of forums, user manuals and FAQ sections, which are detailed and complex, users having no problem in solving any problems they may encounter. On the manufacturer’s website you can find a list of all icons on the toolbar, which is very useful for those who are starting out in using the software ACD Systems Canvas.

In conclusion, the software provided by the team of the Canvas is an excellent choice for professionals in the field, offering the best options for creating technical illustrations, by making technical drawings, allowing users to complete in much shorter time the designs you have in progress. Even if this application is not very easy to learn and use, with the option called Canvas Assistant, you will receive the necessary help to create vector drawings and to take full advantage of all the options offered by this program.


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