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Software – Acdsee Photo Editor


ACDSee Photo Editor is a graphics editing program which offers all the tools and necessary instructions which, along with your inspiration, can transform digital images, including photos into real “jewels” which are worthy of keeping. With this piece of software, you can create personalized postcards, invitations and photo albums of which, without a doubt, you will be proud.

Unlike other professional editing programs which most of the times are hard to use, being geared more towards advanced users, you can use this piece of software without being a genius in image processing, but just another average Joe with an artistic side. With the help of the Photo Editor option you can add artistic text, can change the background image and can even take advantage of countless editing possibilities with a single click.

In most cases, this software manages to make the link between image editing, creation of graphics and projects which come in the help of creating your album. After a short practicing while, you will successfully manage to use layers, apply special effects and change the contrast of a certain image, this program being perfect for you to get a rough idea of all your projects.

From a facility point of view, this piece of software is very intuitive and pretty easy to use, because it managed to integrate all tutorial-related information, a series of projects which will help you start easily and the realization of a graphics design. The menu and layout is accessible, and the navigation is very fluent. The only drawback of this program is that it doesn’t have templates from which you can start and which can help you in your albums and projects.

ACDSee Photo Editor offers users the capacity to import images directly from your digital video camera, but also with the help of a scanner, while for accessing and adding images, you need to use the drag and drop function.

When it comes to graphical editing, this program allows two different editing modes, which are pretty commune to software of this category – the automatic and full mode. Among the most used editing tools this software has, we mention red eye, sharpen, blur, sponge, smudge, dodge and burn, while the contrast can be set to auto adjust itself; the same goes for color balancing for digital images.

Adding text is too, very easy, as all you need to do is directly type on the image, so you don’t have to use a special text box. ACDSee Photo editor also offers tools for graphical design, such as a ruler, grids and color pickers, with which you can make any modification to your digital photo. You can also create degrees of transparency and can combine elements in your photos, adding special effects, correcting and rescaling. With this program you can easily rotate your selections, and if you want it to do modifications for you, automatically, you can resort to the Auto Fix function.

Using this program you can with ease add unusual, original elements which will give your photo an artistic feeling as they will be more colorful, brighter, more centralized, more “dramatic” or even black and white, by applying special filters. You have 8 different previews for them, from which you can choose the one that fits you best. This digital image editing program supports up to 50 different formats, but saving documents for the web is not automatic, only in the case of Adobe Photoshop, as you need special tools, just like in the case of exporting documents to Microsoft Office.

When it comes to requirements, the program will run if you have at least an Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent processor, 1 gb of ram (it’s recommended that you have 2 gb), 500 mb of free space on the disk, a resolution of at least 1024×768, 16 bit color mode and an operating system no older than Windows Xp.

If we are to speak of technical support, ACDSee Photo Editor offers a very well built manual, which installs itself along with the program, in which you can find the answers you need to create the images you wish, and online you can access even more tutorials, FAQ sections and forums, from which you can find all sorts of tips and tricks that you need, tutorials, articles and technical grades, among which many updates that you can perform.

In conclusion, this software is one of the most intuitive and easy to use in the digital graphical editing category, being a handy tool for those who don’t really have rich knowledge in professional photo editing.


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