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Software – Acronis Backup & Recovery


Acronis Backup & Recovery is a specialized software to create backups for servers running with Windows operating system and allows the system administrators to automate the backup process on an external support of the data stored on the server, in total security.

In terms of technical specifications, the software supports operating systems including Windows Server SP4 +, Windows 2003 Server SP 2, both versions of 32-bit and the 64-bit and Windows 2008 Server SP2 (for 32 and 64 bit), supports file system such as FAT 16/32, NTFS, and in terms of external storage devices, they can be hard drives, network storage devices, P-ATA (IDE), S- ATA, SCSI, IEEE1394 and USB devices.

The acquisition costs of Acronis Backup & Recovery software, in its version for servers, totals the amount of 853 dollars, while for workstation systems, licenses start at the price of 74 dollars, depending on utilities. This software is the one to assist IT professionists  make backups of critical data in Windows and  minimize operating errors and the time invested for their repair. By providing data backup options, system configuration and information related to the operating system, professionals can recover the systems that crash more quickly and efficiently.

How can the Acronis Backup & Recovery software help you?

In order for data backups to be reliable a constant struggle occurs even for the best IT departments. Millions of incompatibilities and many errors arise due to traditional data backup software, which generally just copies critical data, and others do not have the ability to copy large database, with all attendant options. In times when the operating systems or drives crash, the experts had to go through a laborious process of installation and reconfiguration of the operating system, of the antivirus software and many other necessary applications. In addition, each user accounts had to  be recreated from scratch, a complex and  difficult process in terms of efficiency.

Acronis Backup & Recovery is the software which creates archived files that enable the system to restore as it was before the operating system stopped functioning properly. Those who choose to include the option called Universal Restore will not need even an attached hard drive, as the system can be recovered based on disparate hardware components, an extremely important factor when the motherboard fails. Among the additional components that can be installed we mention Aronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange and Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server, which make that all data related to e-mail and SQL to be protected and copied.

The most important features offered by the Acronis Backup & Recovery software include the ability to save identical copies of each user’s configurations, data related to the system status, applications, configuration settings of the peripheral components, like printer, settings of the network card on an external hard drive. All these can be restored as if nothing had happened, in a record time. Another important option is the Universal Restoration, which requires that restored data to operate identically on hardware configurations completely different from the previous ones because, in general, errors occur due to faulty motherboards, disk controllers that function abnormally, physical damage or corrupt RAID files.

This software incorporates many backup schemes, according to different criteria, which can be reconfigured at a level of super detail, to achieve automatic backup at a predetermined time interval. The software has the ability to create alerts, either the type of e-mail reports, notifications to your phone and backup complex statuses on multiple monitors.

In terms of use, Acronis Backup & Recovery is a very complex software, requiring much time, effort and patience to be learned, mastered and used at its true value. Because it contains complex and delicate features, it is essential that managers in charge of its configuration to be extremely well prepared to avoid future errors that may hinder the restoration process of essential data from the server. While the backup operations of this software are quite simple, there are certain technical requirements for which system administrators need to allocate a special time of learning.

As competing softwares, right now there are the following:

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In conclusion, Acronis Backup is the software that defines the quality standard in terms of backup applications at this time. With support for universal restoration, protection of databases, e-mail and SQL, complete and perfect functional recovery, even of virtual servers, Acronis Backup & Recovery is one of the most advanced programs, which certainly will help you with troubles related to the IT domain.


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