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Software – System Mechanic


The System Mechanic software is used for the maintenance of computers, being one of the many possibilities that you currently have, to maintain your PC. If your computer runs Windows 7, Vista or XP, you will notice, with stupor, how much memory is used to keep useless files from the internet (cookies, junk files) and, besides all these, your computer still needs the incorporated registry system (the “central nervous system of your pc”) to be maintained.

Most of the times, these registries are responsible for crashes, error notifications and other problems on your PC. To do a bit of maintenance, it’s important that you pick a piece of software that does all operations for you, one of them being System Mechanic, a piece of software that tries to be, at the same time a registry cleaner, a hard disk defragmentator, a program editor that when you start the PC uses a complex algorithm to detect 210 areas where problems might occur and which is capable to resolve approximately 12.000 errors.

The program is very easy to use, all utilities being easily started with a simple click. System mechanic offers two packages: the pro and the free one. The first thing you should know in the case of this software is that the System Analysis function can be used to locate errors which can compromise the health and security of your PC. The Pc Health Status function of this program monitors in real time the health of your system, and the ActiveCare option programs starts scans which can be done when you’re not using the pc.

Duplicate File Inspector and Advanced Uninstaller are two options that can be utilized to scan the entire hard disk, to find duplicate folders, depending on the name, dimension and content. DriveSense has incorporated a sensor which can read the temperature of the hard disk and which can monitor the health of the pc. The Advanced System Information option that comes with System Mechanic shows your hardware specs, as well as the software, available memory and processes that run at that time. Netspeed Analyzer can be used to check when the connection with the internet needs to be optimized, basing itself on download speed. Through the IntelliStatus option, you can monitor the free space on your hard disk, as well as available memory and the speed of your internet connection.

From a point of view of repairing and recuperating capacity, these operations with the help of PC TotalCare will fulfill the optimization requirements of the PC. If you wish to use this tool which comes separately from PC TotalCare, you can do it using PC Security, PC Cleanup and PC Repair. The PC Cleanup and Junk File Finder options of System Mechanic have the role to hit certain areas of your PC – internet files, offline files, recycle bin and junk files, which will be erased with your consent.

By using Privacy Clean you can permanently delete your stored personal data from your internet browsers to prevent possible online scams. Besides these, it also offers the possibility to change the recycle bin icon with a more special one, given by the program.

By completing the optimization tasks, you can then use PC Accelerator and PC TotalCare which function by freeing the memory on your PC so that it can be used in other ways, having the capacity to free up to 86% of your PC’s memory.

In general, everything related to System Mechanic is very easy to use, except the maintenance and diagnostic capacities, which aim for much more experienced users. The documents available go with the idea that you are up to date with everything related to the PC environment. Despite all this, all other options are very well explained, coming with both graphics to show in a visual manner the impact of this tool on your system. Reports made by ActiveCare and IntelliStatus are very broad and explicit from an information point of view, which every user should know in order to maintain his pc.

From a support point of view, System Mechanic’s producer, Iolo, has a very big variety of resources on hand covering general terms to very advanced specifications. In case you encounter errors, the site gives you an online survey which you can complete to describe your specific problem. The producers are prompt with an answer in most situations, in less than 24 hours since the submission. Very useful information and detailed tutorials can be found on forums. Pricewise, System Mechanic is not expensive compared to other software of this kind, and can successfully incorporate basic facilities as well as advanced ones in a user friendly interface. System Mechanic is a very powerful tool which can successfully handle numerous errors that can affect the performance of your PC.


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