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Some Question The Age Of Aquarius

Many question whether the Age of Aquarius' styles and attention should be brought into the world of today. For one particular woman, this is something that is not a question because she had all the answers.

The question itself is asking if there is an age limit to the revival of Age of Aquarius? Should parents be allowed to bring their children to see such a spectacle of those times and would they be considered bad parents for such an act? One woman claims that it completely and morally unjust to such a thing. She speaks of how parents should not want their children to see such displays no matter what the age is.

Much like in the Age of Aquarius, the world is meant to be set on freedom and obeying no certain rules to culture and virtue. It was believed that the Age of Aquarius meant that you were free to do whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted, and however you wanted.

Now there are plenty of parents who, themselves, are going to rebel against this theorized adaptation, but the question remains as to how parents are going to handle the pronounced backlash of this generation. Some may welcome this time and let their children be free, but others are sure to meet this age with a furious opposing argument to those parents who think everything in this age is okay.

While parents try and try as they may, they can never really know what the effect of the Age of Aquarius is having on this younger generation. Is it written in the stars that this is something that is to last a much longer time than expected? No one really knows, but according to Astrologists, the future generations living through this era say that they will live as carefree as possible.

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