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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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Symptoms That You’re Pregnant


Pregnancy is a special moment in a woman’s life, but there are women who become pregnant because they want it and women who become pregnant “accidentally” and are not sure what they want. Therefore, when the first symptoms you’re pregnant are felt, two types of emotions will ccur: joy and surprise. Women who wanted a child will be joyful and happy when they see the first symptoms of pregnancy, and women who were not planning to conceive will be surprised when they see early signs of pregnancy.
There are several symptoms that you’re pregnant but not every woman will have them all.Some moms may show some symptoms of pregnancy, and some may not even appear at all. For example, women have few symptoms so that they realize only after several months the fact they are pregnant. There is also the category of women who realize they are pregnant before the first signs appear. It’s a sixth sense, called intuition, when she says something like “I feel like I am pregnant, my tummy feels that something happens.”

When you’re pregnant or you notice the first symptoms you’re pregnant, you must first confirm this with a pregnancy test (found in pharmacies) or you can consult a gynecologist.

The most common symptoms are pregnant are:
– Delayed or absent menstruation
– Feeling of bloating
– Nausea or vomiting
– Frequent urination
– Fatigue or sleepiness
– Enlarged or painful breasts
– Unusual hunger or food cravings
– Heavy vaginal secretions
– Change of taste and smell
– Constipation
– Insomnia

Of these symptoms you’re pregnant, probably the best known among women is delayed or absent menstruation. Most women realize they are pregnant when they see that menstruation was delayed. There are women who realize only after a few days that they may be pregnant, but there are women who wait several months to realize; this varies from woman to woman. In fact, there is denial: the woman who does not want a child and sees the delayed menstruation will wait some time, still hoping that this will occur to deny that she might be pregnant. She first tries to accept the psychological probability of having a baby, then they can accept physical change. There are also cases where pregnant women can still have the period two or three months, although menstrual bleeding, which can be regular or not, will be less intense than normal. In this case, if you’re female and you are still menstruating, but notice that it is weaker than usually, can you place a question mark, but you can tell by the other symptoms you’re pregnant.

Also one of the first symptoms that you’re pregnant, is the feeling of bloating that can occur just before menstruation delay. Even after she got pregnant, she may begin to feel bloated, but it may make sense due to inadequate eating and do not even think it’s a symptom of pregnancy. Bloated feeling does not let you sleep peacefully on the belly because it makes you feel discomfort in the abdomen, like sitting on a ball.
Another symptom experienced by most women, of those symptoms you’re pregnant, are nausea or vomiting. They usually occur after menstruation disappeared after abut a month  last up to four months of pregnancy. Nausea occurs, usually in the morning when a woman wakes up but it can occur anytime during the day and even night. Although there are rare cases, there are women who have no nausea during pregnancy, and women who have nausea both morning and throughout the day, even at night during sleep. Early pregnancy nausea will be worse, but then will decrease and disappear completely when the fetus moves, somewhere in the four months prenatal period.

Frequent urination is a symptom of pregnancy, which unfortunately, will be present most of time. In early pregnancy, frequent urination is one of the symptoms you’re pregnant. If you notice that you go to the toilet often and you increasingly need to urinate, although you have consumed little liquid, just think of other symptoms that you’re pregnant. The problem is that pregnancy increases and presses on the bladder and that is why there is a need to urinate. As the load is higher, so will be the urination frequency, especially in the last month of pregnancy when the fetus is somewhere around 2-3 pounds.
Another symptom that is present throughout pregnancy, is fatigue or sleepiness. In the first month of pregnancy, the woman will feel tired for no reason. It is a pronounced fatigue due to increased progesterone. Throughout pregnancy it is recommended that women take a rest whenever they feel tired, do not exercise excessively, but go half an hour a day on foot. It is also possible for pregnant women, although they feel tired and exhausted, to have insomnia, or wake up at night.

Other symptoms that you are pregnant are enlarged or painful breasts. It is a feeling of pain and discomfort when women wear the bra. The woman may feel the bra strange or breasts pressed as they begin to prepare for breastfeeding. During pregnancy women should change the bra size (to a larger one).
Perhaps there is no woman who does not know that pregnant women have cravings. It is about food cravings and not of the sexual type. In contrast, pregnant women do not really have the mood due to the development of motherhood. Returning, pregnant women have unusual hunger or food cravings. It’s good for women to eat little and often as it is not too hard to gain weight. Cravings are usually a little “strange”. For example, women who want watermelon in the night, or women who are craving for cherries in the middle of winter, or women who are craving for pickles etc. in midsummer. So if you’re a woman and start having unusual cravongs think whether they are  symptoms that you’re pregnant.


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