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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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Teens And Their Best Business Ideas

Have you ever had an idea that would make life easier, and then you find out that somebody just invented that idea and is making a lot of money? We have all done it. Mine is Post-It-Notes. What about those cute little squishy animals you put on the end of your pencils. Are they erasers? Well, someone made a large profit off those. We all could have thought of the best business ideas in the world, but then who would have produced them, and advertised them, or even sold them? Teens are a little bit different today. They are very computer literate because they grew up with the things. They also have this necessity for material goods, but in addition, teens have an insatiable dream of starting their own business.

One of those teens is Hannah Tucker who became a business owner because of her intuition for what kids her age like and dislike. She started her own website,, where she sells zipper pulls, squishy animals, anything that young teens relish.

Other best business ideas for teens would be to focus on something they are good at like the computer. Since most kids are very computer savvy, they could set up a web development business or go to local businesses and offer to set up websites for them. This would not take up much of an investment or time, but it would bring in a very good income. Facebook and Twitter are places where teens could offer to advertise for local businesses. Because of the teenage mind and its gift of knowing how computers work, any teen could repair the machines. Since many adults still do not even know how to turn one on, teens could maybe terminate the ignorance in technology. Some of the best business ideas for teens cranked up in the 1950s and 60s. Owning a lawn service business and baby-sitting were two of the most lucrative jobs, and they still are.

No matter what business a teenager wants to go into, there are plenty of people on-line who know the best business ideas just for them. There are many places to get help on starting your own business, so get a plan and just do it.

Latest Posts

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