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Copyright problems?

The images and the content on WHATAFY are published by our users. It is impossible to make a complete review of each text and the images added on the website, but we assure you that we are trying our best to take all the precaution methods to avoid any inconveniences regarding copyright. You can report any comment, image, text, article and so on.

Defining the terms:

The WHATAFY website is an online platform dedicated to posting questions and answers, from various fields and of different grades of difficulty.

WHATAFY lies under the property and administration of the WHATAFY Ltd. In the following, through a user we understand any individual, firm or any form of access on the website, be it even automatic access (non-human).

By the term content, we understand any kind of information presented under the form of an article, information/data flow or discussion, advertising space and its content, all published in a visual or text form.

Terms of usage

The information below must be interpreted as clauses to an accession agreement, on which depends the usage and access of the WHATAFY website. If you continue to access the website, you agree to its terms and conditions and all its rules.

WHATAFY Ltd can change at any moment the terms and conditions of the website, they becoming active from the moment of publishing, without other notifications to the users and they do not have a retroactive character.

Whatafy.com offers its visitors a large pallet of uses and information, such as Agriculture, Art & Culture, Astrology, Astronomy, Auto & Moto, Business & Finance, Computers & Internet, Education & Science, Entertainment, Photo & Video, Gambling, Games & Consoles, Gastronomy & Recipes, Health & Beauty, Hobbies & Recreation, Home & Garden, Home appliances, Humour, Law, Love & Sex, Medicine, Mobile phones, Movies & TV, Music, Paranormal, Parents & Kids, People, Pets, Politics, Religion & Spirituality, Sport, Travel & Vacations, TV & Audio, Weddings and Wild animals.

Accessing the website

Whatafy does not take the responsibility for the user’s access on the website, the nature and quality of their internet connection or the user’s device for accessing the site.

Whatafy can use cookies to store information on your local computer and to facilitate the browsing on the website. These do not contain the user’s personal data and they do not pose any risk in case of being intercepted by a third party.

The IP Addresses can be temporarily or permanently stored in order to solve conflicts over terms and conditions infringements.

Whatafy reserves the right to restrict the access to the website of any user, depending on the purpose and based on the infringement of the predefined laws or the services offered.


Cookies are small pieces of text information created by websites and stored on your computer. We use cookies only to overtake anonymous information about site navigation. The cookies do not store any other information and we can guarantee that these cookies are not used in any other way. In the above lines we describe they way in which we use the cookies and that some publicity agents may collect data using these cookies. These cookies and web beacons are used to collect data that will be used for adds and commercials. We do NOT have access to that data. GOOGLE uses the DART mode cookie that is used in commercials for our users, based on the previous visits on our site and or other internet sites. Users can choose at any time to stop using the DART cookie mode by visiting the page http://www.google.com/privacy_ads.html , that contains the confidentiality policy of GOOGLE commercials.

More details about cookies can be found on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_cookie



The WHATAFY website contains links to other websites. Please consider the fact that we are not responsible for the privacy policy of these websites. We advise and encourage you to read the privacy policy when leaving our website and entering the one you have been directed to, because the privacy policy of this website is only valid on the whatafy.com domain.

Author’s rights

The access on whatafy,com is free, in case there have been no restrictions by the owners and administrators of the website and WHATAFY Ltd. authorizes you to see and use the information of the website only for personal, educational or non-commercial usage. Using the whatafy website for any other purposes is not permitted without prior consent. The right to intellectual property (copyright) for all the information existing on the website belongs to WHATAFY Ltd, excepting when it is specified otherwise in the content.

The content published on whatafy.com is protected by the Copyright law (Author’s rights law) and it belongs or is controlled by whatafy.com or a third party as a content provider, according to the laws, agreements and existing contracts in which the content and that data are elaborated by the users of the website or by various providers. The images used are either public, either taken with the publishing right. Using them can not be possible without the author’s consent.

Copying, multiplying, altering the content, sharing through any means, including electronic, magnetic or digital ones, of the material and information existent on this website is not permitted without the consent of the owner and it represents otherwise an infringement of the Author’s Rights and is punished by national and international laws.

The attempt to modify or delete the content of this website through any methods, to test its vulnerability or take the data associated with it (including, but not only email addresses) is punished by civil and criminal law.

Notifications for intellectual property infringement

In case you consider that the information published on this website violate your rights of intellectual property, please contact us. Likewise, in case you consider that some materials violate the intellectual property of a third party, please contact us.

The services offered

WHATAFY Ltd. reserves the rights to modify or stop, permanently or temporarily, partially or totally, under any form, the services and content available through this website with or without a forenotice.

Disclaimer of Liability

By continuing to use the website you agree to the terms and conditions imposed and for WHATAFY Ltd. to relinquish any kind of responsibility as it may result after the usage of the whatafy.com website by it users, regardless of the purpose and outcome of the usage.

WHATAFY Ltd. can not be held responsible for the accuracy, legality, quality and content of the texts or other published materials.

WHATAFY Ltd. can not be held responsible for the accuracy, legality, quality and content of the advertisements.

The access to this website is recommended for adults (minimum 18 years) or under-aged with parental consent. Likewise, WHATAHY Ltd does not take responsibility for third parties taking the content of the website without following the copyright rules, or without the consent of the owner and it reserves its rights to act in any form permitted by law to reclaim them in case of an author’s rights infringement.

The content presented on this website only has an informative and supplementary character, under no circumstances can it replace the recommendations offered by specialist in a certain field. This website should be used only in the purpose of obtaining general information, without a specific character for a concrete situation.

WHATAFY Ltd. will not be held responsible for any kind of direct, indirect, accidental and special damages that result from using the website or its content.

Personal data protection

In case whatafy.com demands the processes of personal data, according to the Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data and their free usage, modified and revised and to the Law no. 506/2004 regarding the processing of personal data and privacy in electronic communications, WHATAFY Ltd. will administer in safety conditions, not only for specified purposes, the right to intervene over all data, the right to not be put under an individual decision and the right to address the court of justice. At the same time, you have the right to oppose the processing of your personal data that concern you and to appeal for deleting the data. WHATAFY Ltd. will not offer your personal data to any third party, under no circumstances.

The IP and other technical data that belong to the well functioning of this website does not fall into the category of the personal data.

The responsibility regarding the information published by the users

WHATAFY Ltd. can not be held responsible for for the messages and their content, published by the users on the website under various forms (comments, answers, posts, questions) and will not take responsibility for their accuracy and the nature of the information published.

WHATAFY Ltd. places all its efforts into publishing a valuable content. The messages published by users can enter moderation, they can be modified or deleted by the administrators of whatafy.com, without WHATAFY Ltd to be obliged to offer any explanation or return to the decisions taken.

Any person that sends, using any method, information or material to this website assumes the obligation to not infringe in any way the author’s right of a third party which could be invoked later on. The users that send in various methods information understand and agree that the violation of this obligation is not of the website’s concern and therefore, it can not be held responsible, but the users can be hold accountable.

As users, you are responsible for your own actions and the nature of the published material as well as of the consequences these can bring after publishing be it under the form of comments, posts on forums, messages or any other type of content publishing form. By using whatafy.com, regardless of the site’s sections, the users agrees not to publish: content with author’s right, if the author can not be found or if he does not have the permission for publishing, obscene material, insinuating material, threatening or ill thought material towards other users of the website, individual person or a firm, material that contain viruses or codes made to destroy a system or a piece of information, spam material, chain letters, pyramid schemes or any other form of content similar to the above mentioned.

The above terms and conditions fully apply even when a certain section of the website contains regulations or other terms and conditions specific for the usage of that particular web section. To these conditions, the above rules complete the terms and conditions for using a specific section of the website.

Advertising campaigns/promotions/contests

WHATAFY Ltd. can create on whatafy.com at any moment advertising campaigns, promotions, competitions, in any section of the website, without the need to ask visitor’s or user’s permission.

Governing law

The rights and obligations of both parties, imposed by the present terms and conditions, as of all legal effects which the present agreement implies, will be interpreted and governed by the running Romanian law. Any form of litigation will be directed towards an amiable agreement. Otherwise, the decision will be handled by the Romanian court.