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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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The 25th Week Of Pregnancy


In the 25th week of pregnancy, the baby has around 35 centimetres and weights almost 680 grams. If you put your ear on your belly, you can hear its heartbeat very well. He is a little athlete: he can feel the tips of his legs and continues to explore the space around him, which become smaller for him. The protection layer named vernix appears on its skin.

The taste buds are pretty developed, making the difference between tastes. From the 25th week of pregnancy the little baby can open his eyes for the first time and he can start crying when something is not right.

…and the future mother:

In the 25th week of pregnancy, your round belly looks like a football. When the little baby moves inside, the belly visibly flinches, which sometimes disturbs you, because it seems that the baby is the most active when you want to sleep. In the areas where the skin has stretched very much- abdomen, hips, breasts- the unpleasant stretch marks can appear(do not forget to massage them easily with a special cream). You can also see some coloured spots, brown or red, in these areas (these spots disappear after giving birth).
Also, the stretching of the skin can give you the sensation of itching and aridity. The oedema (the bloating of ankles and of the legs) can frequently disturb you.

What to do in the 25th week of pregnancy:

Stretch marks. Every day, massage easily the risk zones (abdomen, hips, breast, posterior, legs) with a special cream. Ensure that you are wearing a special bra that holds very well the muscles of the breast without squeezing them; also, you should not stay so much time without a bra (the muscles cannot hold all the weight by themselves).
The growth of the corporal temperature and the sensation of warmth. You are felling hot, even if the temperature around you is normal. The sweating disturbs you. Do not forget to dress comfortable and light, use body powder and consume liquids (as warmer as you like, but do not drink very cold water or with ice).

Libido. It can happen that you still have a high sexual appetite. If the pregnancy progress normally, without any problem, and the doctor says that it is ok, there is no reason to be worried: the baby is protected. Adopt anyway comfortable positions that will not press the belly: if it does not disturb you and your new round shapes are not an inconvenience for you, try the “woman on top”; but the most comfortable is the “spoon”: you are staying sideways, maybe holding your belly with a pillow and your husband is behind you. It is comfortable, but also intimate: you can hug.

Stretch marks and dry skin. Do not forget to: hydrate, to make warm baths (not hot)and eventually you can put some corn flakes in the water; if you are not using shower gel for the sensitive skin (even for babies), you should use a cream immediately after you get out from the bath.

New beauty spots? Do not be scared: it is normal to have new beauty spots and the ones that you have can change their colour; but if one modifies its shape or itches, you should go to a dermatologist.

Cholesterol. You probably have a high level of cholesterol, so you should not eat aliments that have a lot of cholesterol. Keep a healthy alimentary diet and if you feel hungry between the established meals, have a snack: fruits, yogurt or biscuits.

The position. Because the centre of weight has been chanced, you can have back pains and problems with the spine. Try to keep a straight position when you walk or sit down. Try to sit always on chairs with a back support.
The last chance! The 25th week of pregnancy is among the last ones in which you are allowed to travel without any risk. So, if you wish to go somewhere, you should waste time with making plans; a little trip to the mountains will relax you and will have a healthy effect upon your condition.

Risks. You are still in a safe period of pregnancy, but you have to be careful because there is the risk of premature birth- if you have an infection or a problem with the cervices. If you notice bleedings (not only spots, but in significant quantities) or the apparition of a liquid similar to the urine, you should call your doctor.


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