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The Adobe Production Premium Software


The transition from Premiere Pro to Audition, in the new Adobe Production Premium software, takes the minimum effort of a right click with the user’s mouse and all the tracks open fast and with no problems, also keeping the keyframe previously set by the user in Premiere Pro.
In Audition, the user can add filters, edit audio effects and mix tracks and in order to get back into Premiere Pro, all the user has to do is use the option called ‘Export to Adobe Premiere Pro’. For coding and final mastering, the user can also use the mono, stereo and mixes of 5.1 surround options. For the program called Audition, from the Adobe Production Premium software, the Adobe Corporation still has some more work to do before reaching perfection because there is no control, at least at this point, for the hard drive and Mac support. Also, there is no automatic mixing yet and if the user wants to modify the audio levels alongside a track, he will not be able to do so unless he uses an option like ‘rubberband keyframes’ or a separate option called ‘mixer automation’ from Premium Pro.

Adobe has intensively been promoting its products to the Canon EOS 5D/7D video camera users due to the highly qualitative native support of formats like H.264 of the Adobe software. One of the most relevant improvements brought to After Effect is the introduction of a filter called Warp Stabilizer that combines the standard stabilizing with the correction from within the effective frame of the both vertical and horizontal distortion.

The Adobe Production Premium software also brings improvements with regards to the tools like z-space from After Effects, by changing the behaviors from the 3D space. These improvements are also complemented by some other effects like Camera Lens Blur, the creation of a stereoscopic output, stereo output and left/right-eye adjustments.

All the above mentioned improvements make the new version of the Production Premium pack be a highly attractive product both for the new users and for those willing to upgrade the systems that they are already using. Premier Pro is much more responsive and much more efficient and Audition is the one that makes the highly advanced audio editing be very accessible as long as the user is an advanced one and knows exactly what he wants.


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