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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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The Advantage And Disadvantage Of Having Big Dogs

What better pet than man’s best friend and if he is so great why not have more of him? Big dogs come with their advantages and disadvantages but this depends on what the owner wants. Let’s say that you really want a dog as a pet and besides wanting to have a great companion near you, you also need some protection. Many dogs are perfect protectors and a large number of them are used as guard dogs and are also used by the police. But what if your dog does not have that protective nature in him? This is where big dogs come in handy.

Big dogs no matter the race are excellent if you cannot afford a guard dog. A burglar will stop at a dogs bark but once he sees a tiny little adorable house dog he is sure to continue his job and even find methods to shut up the dog. On the other hand if you have a really huge dog, well than it’s a different story. Big dog bark with more power than regular dogs and once seen, they are sure to stun any stranger that dared to set foot in your home.

As the matter of size for protection has been discussed, big dogs come with a number of other disadvantages. Food is one of them. The larger the animals to more food they need and this can prove to be very expensive. If a small dog consumes around 8 to 9 kilograms of food per month that a big dog will certainly empty you pockets. Not only does food become an issue but caring for big dogs is much harder. You will need to tend to him every day and he will also need a lot of exercise each day. Eating much will not make them bigger and only fatter so no exercises is not an option and you will also have to figure out a die for him.

Another disadvantage of big pets is that they won’t be suited for apartments. They will need a large yard to run freely and if possible kept on a leash. If we take a look at the Great Dane George who currently holds the Guinness world record for being the biggest dog in the world we will see that his owner dedicates almost all his time to him. So if you have in mind to raise big dogs you should take into consideration some important factors.

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