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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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The Afghan Hound Is Said To Be The King Of Dogs

The Afghan Hound breed is part of an old family in the history of dogs. These dogs are old and were bred for speed and special abilities of the body form rather than the fur or appearance. Having a thick and dense coat, makes them helpful during the hunting in the mountains of Afghanistan. Among the locals of the mountains the Afghan Hound dogs are called T?zh? or Tazi. If you live in the mountains doesn’t mean that you can enjoy the company of such a dog.
The Afghan Hound is an aristocrat as his whole appearance denotes a certain dignity and superiority. He has a right head which is low and eyes of a being who dreams of younger years.

It has long straight hair, the fur is separate and hip bones are prominent as it has big feet.
By his appearance, the Afghan Hound commands respect among races, like a king in a world were his canine title will never be lost. The head has the right length that brings a plus of refinement. Also the Afghan Hound dogs nose has a prominent structure, which leads us to think of the famous "Roman nose."
The ears are long, located at the corner of the eye, being covered with long hair and slightly wavy. The eyes are almond shaped, never bulging or very visible, and the breeds eyes is pure black or deep brown.
The neck is pretty long, strong and muscular however, there are dogs that are too short or too thick as what regards the neck but this is merely considered as a defect in some of them.
He is well proportioned and structured and continues with a tail that sometimes is hidden by the fur on the body. The fur is thick and soft, finely textured and smooth, covering the entire body, including ears and feet. It is obvious that special attention should be paid to the fur.

They need daily exercise to keep fit, long walks or trips into the courtyard. They are very good dogs for apartments, and despite the shaggy appearance they need heat and a soft bed which is preferably warm. Recommendation is to not let three days go without brushing otherwise the fur can fold.
Males weigh around 27 kilograms and measure 70 centimeters, while females reach 22 kilograms and 65 centimeters. The average life expectancy for them is 12 years

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