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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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The Alphabet Of Astrology


Astrological interpretation is based on reading and deciphering certain symbols and connections between them. Planets, zodiacal signs, the zodiac itself and houses represent the alphabet of astrology through which coded messages are “sent” from the cosmic level to the terrestrial level.
The astrological alphabet is a basic element for those who want to discover the secrets of this great science. Those who believe that astrology is just about signs and zodiacal interpretation are wrong because, as we mentioned earlier, the signs are just a small part of the complex astrological alphabet. So, as we stated in the first lines of this article, the astrological alphabet involves studying Planets, the Houses and their relationships, relationships that correspond to events taking place at terrestrial level. Astrology enthusiasts will have to master very well the alphabet, which will surely open them many ways, like the alphabet of a language that lets you learn to express and convey a message clearly and concisely.

Thus, as each language has its own alphabet, the astrological prediction is impossible without knowing its alphabet, which includes the 12 zodiacal signs, the 10 planets and 12 houses, as well as the numerous combinations that occur at their level. What an astrologer should do when looking to make a prediction is to try to correctly interpret the astronomical language and transmit it in terms known by those interested in finding out what the stars predict in the future. We live in a world where with no language, without this “alphabet”, we cannot communicate and cannot send messages to those around us.

With the help of the above components, the Cosmos can present hundred million of “stories”, each belonging to an individual. Depending on the time of birth, each person has a natal astrological chart and according to it, the astrologer can decipher the mysteries that will come across in the life of that person.

In the world of astrology, astrological predictions according to the alphabet can only be short-lived because the events that take place at cosmic level occur with greater rapidity and all the events that occur at a time in a person’s life are reported in the astrological chart since that person’s birth.
The astrological language is interesting and beautiful, but when it comes to astrological prediction, things start to get complicated due to the special symbolism. Astrology is thus a very complex science.

Elements of the astrological alphabet

The most common elements of the astrological alphabet, the one that people interested in astral predictions meet, are the 12 zodiacal signs. Each sign is allocated 30 ° on the zodiacal circle. The first sign is Aries; Sun enters Aries at the time of the Spring Equinox. The sign of a person is given by the zodiac in which the Sun is found in the moment of a certain person’s birth.

Interpreting events occurring at ground level (births, historical events, events that occur in nature and so on) is done according to the sign under which they are found. But to correctly interpret such an event, not just the sign is important, but some features are influenced by the position of planets. Planets represent the second important element of the astrological alphabet. Planets used in astrology are all the 10 reference stars in Earth’s planetary system, including the Sun and Moon. Taking into account that astrology studies events taking place at cosmic level in relation to the terrestrial ones, the Earth is found at the center of this system. The chart is made as a vision of the cosmos from the ground level. On the chart, planets appear in certain signs at a given time, that being the reason for which particular features are interpreted depending on the position of planets in the astrological alphabet. Each zodiac sign is ruled by a particular planet.

But that is not all. Although the relationship between signs and planets is very close, when a certain event occurs, the position that the first elements of the astrological alphabet occupy in relation to the horizon and meridian is very important. The position is indicated by the third element – the House. In astrology, there are 12 such houses, unequal segments of the zodiacal circle. Segments are unequal because they are influenced by the specific date and place of each chart individually. Houses have very interesting symbols and special meanings, also having an important influence to every sign, showing when and where an event will occur.

These are the most important elements of the astrological alphabet and, as you can see, astrology means so much more than a zodiac.


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