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The Balinese Lands In The Elegant Cat Class

The Balinese cat is a beautiful and elegant cat of medium size, with svelte features similar to Siamese, but with a long and silky fur. The head is elongated, with a thin nose and a long, elegant neck. The ears are large and may have tufts of fur on top. The eyes are light blue and the body is slender and graceful, with hind legs longer than the front. The legs are thin and paws are small and oval while the tail is long, sharp and slender. The Balinese cat race is semi long haired and they have a life expectancy of 9 to 15 year yet the average is about 12 years. The general number of kittens they give birth to is 5.

The Balinese cat is active and needs about 80 kilo calories per kilogram a day and it never eats more than it needs. For what regards its health it has no specific problems and they are able to live a long and active life. It recommended that they have a routine annual inspection after the age of eight years for checking their teeth and internal organs.

Balinese cats require a regular care to maintain their beautiful coat in optimal conditions, not to get confused or to form knots. It needs to be brushed and groomed. It is well accustomed to a low brushing, even before the fur is completely formed, as some cats tend to oppose brushing. It will be easy if it is done frequently to prevent the occurrence of knots in fur. The coat is medium length and is smooth and silky. The hair on the tail can be two times longer than the rest of the body. It shows the sub layer of fur as the hair is hanging down at its sides. As for the color, the fur is similar to the Siamese cats as the ears, face, legs and tail are colorful and well defined by color than the rest of the body.

The Balinese cat is based on a long-haired Siamese, and draws its origins from Siam which has a long hair gene. First document is dated to the early twentieth century. At first, long-haired cats were not very appreciated by the breeders until after the Second World War.

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