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The Bandog Is The Perfect Guard Dog

The Bandog is said to have originated between 1250 and 1300 in Middle England and it refers to a mastiff type dog that stayed all day chained and was only released at night to guard the home or certain areas of any possible intruders.

After advanced DNA testing it was proved that all dogs have the wolf as their origins but how the original Bandog was formed is still a mystery even in our days. Even though it is almost impossible to know how the Bandog originated it is surely know that the original dog breed had a functional purpose and this dogs purpose was to protect and to guard or at least this was the function on which he revolved. William Harrison states in a description of England in 1586 that this type, "Bandogge which is a huge dog, stubborn, uglier, eager, burthenouse of bodie, terrible and fearful to behold and often more fierce and fell than any Archadian or Corsican cur." The word Bagdogge originates out of the strong bonds and chains that were used to tie and secure the dog. They were only for work and they varied in sizes and shape due to their many crosses with other dogs.

Todays Bandog is believed to be a perfect protection dog and a dog wick if well fitted in the working class of guarding dogs. He is heavily boned and muscled, rugged, very intimidating when seen and it is provoked it can be quite dangerous. Their temperament is made in such a way that makes them perfect for guarding and personal protection. A Bandog if wanted to be a working type than must be the result of careful and dedicated planning that starts with a serious selection of the parental breed because this is the most important as the representatives of this breed must have a perfect health condition, and a temperament test which must be the number one priority and the aspect should be the last think that you should think about. What is always desired is that the result should be the combining of the courage and tenacity of an American Pit Bull Terrier with the huge size and instincts of a Mastiff.

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