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The Belgian Tervuren Proves That Belgian Dogs Are The Best For Protection

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The Belgian Tervuren Shepherd breed is an impressive and very security conscious breed, with a strong protective and territorial instinct. This breed excels as a police dog, search and rescue operations in detecting narcotics, bombs and also is an innate protective.

Belgian Tervuren Shepherd dog is used as it disables, the elderly or those of others sick come out of police use. Although it is a breed of dog for everyone, socialized and trained properly, this animal will be extremely energetic and a best friend or a beloved family member.
The Belgian Tervuren is a thin, well dressed in the muscles, with a square body, nicely proportioned. At first glance, it looks very well with a German Shepherd. Small eyes, almond and brown eyes have a lively and questioning expression. The ears are triangular (similar to an equilateral triangle) and held high, and the muzzle is tapered but not pointed. The skull is flat and parallel to the muzzle. The thorax is neither wide nor narrow, but deep, reaching to the elbow region. Forelegs are very straight and parallel to each other, with round paws, cat-like. Hindquarters are muscular, without seeming to boorish. Spurs at all four states are amputated. The Belgian Tervuren shepherd tail is long and bushy, reaching up to the heel. Also the Belgian Tervuren coat is straight, medium length, often with a feather, forming a collar around the neck. This breed is very adaptable to extreme temperatures. Its fur is brown to mahogany, with “jacket” black, accepting some white spots on the chest, fingers and chin. The hair on the head, legs and the outer ear is shorter. Also, its fur tends to deepen with age.

The Belgian Tervuren is intelligent, with a native protective instinct that helps him excel in pastoral livestock and property protection. Most are affectionate and gentle, but some may be scared or aggressive, especially if not socialized early, since childhood. The Belgian Tervuren is an excellent watchdog and excellent if wanted for protection. Copies of this breed crave human company. The dog feels need to be considered a member of his family and does not like to be locked in a cage. It will be most happy if he is given time, attention, training and companionship. If ignored, the Belgian Tervuren will find different ways to have fun, most times to your expense.

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