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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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The Best Amphibian Pets


Amphibians are wonderful inhabitants of Mother Nature’s wild garden. Over the years even though they were found only in the wild life, people found out that they actually make excellent house pets as they have adapted to the survival of both dry and wet environments. Due to their important role to the environment’s health serving a double role as predator and prey people have found that this can be of use in their houses. Recent research revealed that many people have amphibians as pets to get rid of that annoying mosquito and of course the flies. Amphibians have roamed the earth for a long time and have developed into beautiful creatures.

Among the best amphibian pests is the red spotted triton which is a well know aquarium pet and good companion. This particular triton spends most of his life on the dry land.

The spotted salamander or also known under the name as the fire lizard has either a black or grey body and has over 50 beautiful colored spots. Apart from its appealing looks only few keep it as a pet due to its particular smell.

The Australian green tree frog also known as an exotic house companion has a large body with green variations and sometimes blue due to genetic or diet disorders. This particular frog is also used in medicine as the secretions from its skin have anti viral properties.

Regular toads are also used as pets. Generally they have a brown or grey body and the thing that makes them attractive as well is their belly which has a shiny black or yellow color.

The red eyed tree frog is one of the most photogenic frogs due to it’s green body covered with yellow and blue stripes and its big red eyes or its orange tongue which makes it kind of funny.

The Fire Lizard is one of the best known species of salamanders in Europe. It has a combination of black and yellow with different spots and stripes. It requires a cold and humid environment and spend most of its time hidden.

These are the few most popular amphibian pets that people like to have. They do not require much attending to and do not have many preferences regarding their environment which makes them the perfect pets.


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