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The Best European Cities For Business


By analyzing them closely, the  consulting firm in the United States, Cushman & Wakefield, chose  the best European cities for business during  last year, of which only three were  in Germany. On the tenth position is Zurich, one of the major Swiss cities. In 2010, it was ranked 13th. However, in the cantons, cities are not standing very well in terms of employee costs, considering the perspective of exiting  the top 30 at the end of 2011. However, people’s work satisfaction was very high here, the city ranking third.

On the nineth place is the city of Munich, one of the largest in Germany. Note that this situation is exactly the same as the position in 2010. In terms of costs to employees, the city occupies almost the last place (34 of 35), and satisfaction for employees at work was very good, Munich being on the sixth place in Europe, following the analysis of Cushman & Wakefield.

Eight place belongs to Brussels, which went down no less than four steps compared to 2010. The labor costs in the Belgian capital are so high that the city ranked 26th out of 35. Jobs are found and are at a satisfactory rate so Brussels ranked 11th from this point of view, at the end of 2011.

Madrid is the seventh in the classification level to which we refer, from 2010, when it ranked eighth. In terms of staff costs, the capital of Spain has an honorable performance of an excellent third place. Another Spanish city, this time Barcelona, was next on the list of the Cushman & Wakefield. Notice that it climbed five places in the last 20 years, entering the top 10 best cities for business and prospects seem good for a continuous rise.

Halfway our classification is Berlin, as it managed to climb two places compared to 2010 and  ten places compared to 1990. The most important thing to mention about the capital of Germany is that real estate consultancy firm Cushman & Wakefield named it the best city in terms of availability of office space. The famous Dutch city of Amsterdam was the fourth place among the best European cities for business in 2011, after in 2010 it was ranked sixth. In terms of costs to employees, Amsterdam ranks 23rd.

The first step of the podium belonged to the third German city in the ranking, Frankfurt. In terms of staff costs, Frankfurt is ranked 29th and in terms of availability of new ranks workspaces is ranked nineth. The silver medal goes to Paris, one of the best cities where business can grow on the old continent. Finally, first place was won by British capital, London, which was leader in 2010, and in 1990.


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