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The Cancer Zodiac

Cancer Ascendant people are faithful to the marriage and to family. When they become parents, for example, all their care will head to the child and without any trace of selfishness, the Cancer zodiac will offer all the affection he has. Meanwhile, the Ascendant in Cancer is willing to to help all his friends, neglecting even his own activities. Even so, there are certain times of selfishness, but they never interfere with difficult moments in which the crayfish must show understanding and support. Given that he is willing to change, he will always be fragile and unstable when facing to sudden life changes. Sometimes even the way in which they express themselves can complicate their life, often becoming slightly aggressive, unwilling to take into account the opinions
of others, because, as they believe, the only truth is told by them and them alone. However, Cancerians people are trying to be responsive and listen to the opinions of others, but they sometimes fail, giving in to their desire to demonstrate that they're always right.

Cancer is said to sometimes step back, but in terms of love, he will never step back, especially if we refer to women natives in Cancer. They will always try to manipulate their partner, to suggest what exactly bothers them. On the other hand, Cancer Ascendant people can be handled in their turn. Due to the fact that they are so sensitive – if the partner will resort to this quality, he/she will benefit, in fact, from the emotional fragility of Cancer, thus the Cancer zodiac sign can be manipulated more easily. Here there is a reference to the circle symbol of the sign, Cancer's actions somehow returning to him. A viable example in this respect is Princess Diana, who had the ascendant in Cancer. Symbol of femininity and sensitivity, all actions of Princess Diana came back, eventually, against her, although they were benevolent actions. Of course, we can not generalize or to suggest that good deeds will come back against those born in Cancer zodiacal sign.

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