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The Chow-Chow Is Well Known All Around The World

The Chow-Chow is a medium sized dog with a very ancient lineage. Originally from China the Chow-Chow has an appearance that is easily recognizable because of its soft fur, black tongue and slightly wrinkled face. Very devoted to his family, the Chow-Chow is not very friendly to strangers and it is one of the best recognized breeds of dogs in the world. Dogs of this breed, seems to have originated in Mongolia, Siberia and northern China. Based on extensive research, it is believed that the Chow-Chow was there during the Han dynasty, around the year 150 BC.

The translation of the word "chow" is also controversial. There are currently two theories. The first theory associated with the name of this breed comes from the marine industry. Vessels traveling from the Far East to Europe had to declare what they were carrying. Most ships carried various items and to facilitate their work consigned, the term "chow-chow" or "the brig, brig" was used to describe the entire load. When these dogs became part of the cargo carried by ship, the name stayed. The other theory is not as welcome. Some believe that the name "Chow" is from Cantonese / American food and refers to the unfortunate use of this breed in cooking.

The Chow-Chow, is a medium sized dog with medium length hair, with a robust constitution, short and stocky. The dog has a large head with a broad, flat skull, short muzzle and facial creases that give the appearance that the animal is permanently frowning. The ears are round and small and are worn high on the vertical line. The tail is carried high and curled over the back. The most characteristic feature of the dog is the blue-black tongue, which is a rarity among dog breeds. The Chow-Chow has a double coat which consists of an outer hair and a soft and woolly fluff. The most common colors are red (rust), black or tan. The height at the withers is 46 to 56 centimeters and has a weight of 20 to32 kilograms.

This dog is known for his iron will and strong personality and does not appreciate the exaggerated attention. Chow-Chow is distant, secluded and sedentary, with a reputation for aggressive dog which is not always attributed with good reason.

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