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The Dalmatian, The Four Legged Fire Fighter

Easily recognizable by its white fur with black spots, the Dalmatian is a good guard dog and native protector. Also called, Carriage Dog, the Dalmatian has a long history of accompanying his master in chariots, carriages and even fire engines.

The Dalmatian history is uncertain. Experts disagree on the country of origin of this breed. Dalmatia, once a province of Yugoslavia and Austria, has claimed the Dalmatian origin. However, France, India, Greece and several other countries have done the same. Carvings from the ancient Greeks shown an athletic dog running behind chariots. Dalmatians use to go along sides of the transport diligences offering protection from bandit attacks. Over time, the Dalmatian was used as dog-firefighter, circus dog in search and rescue missions, as well as for hunting and retrieving. Recently, this stained "artist" gained popularity as one of Hollywood's favorite breeds. The Dalmatian was recognized by the American Kennel Club for the first time in 1888 as a member of the non-sporting group (recreational).

The Dalmatian is a medium sized dog with a muscular body and smooth hair. The facial expression shows intelligence and loyalty. The breed has a short and dense coat, compact, well attached to the body. The spots are black or brown and are round. They begin to appear around the age of two weeks. The forehead is wide. The ears are triangular like a Pendulum, reaching their peak by mid-cheek. The Dalmatian has blue or hazel eyes. The combination of these colors is accepted. The nose should be the same color as the spots. The height at the withers is 50 to 60 centimeters in male and female 50 to 55 centimeters and both sexes have a weight at around 25 kilograms.

Dalmatian is an active dog, energetic, well known to be protective or exacerbated. Although not known as dog that barks excessively, Dalmatian owners can identify her voice with ease when there are approaching strangers. The breed is generally eager to please you, although not very friendly with people they do not know and do not trust. This race is really a pet for the family. They get along well with children and other household pets, especially if they are raised with them by small. This breed loves to exercise and keep active and is fond of long walks or jogging. Some owners report that Dalmatians are very brave and like to explore.

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