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Friday, June 14, 2024

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The Devon Rex Is Too Intelligent To Be A Mere Feline

The Devon Rex is a medium sized cat with strong muscles a slim body and yet compact. It has huge ears lying down, sideways and big eyes, curious with a short muzzle. Their coats are short round and feel smooth at every touch. Because of its structure a Devon Rex sheds less fur than other cats. Although their body temperatures are the same as other cats, probably because the coat, they are more warm which makes winter more pleasant to Devon than other animals or yourself. At the same time the hottest seat in the house will be occupied by him. Although race has been created from a single cat, today Devons have all the possible colors.

A Devon Rex has kind of a glue like nature because if you're in the house with a Devon, then it will surely be close to you. For them, foreigners are not seen as foreigners. Actually the Devon Rex consider them, their guests and will certainly be wonderful hosts as they will show the house, will talk to them and, naturally, will kiss before you leave.

Also you will have never met such q hardworking cat as they help you write by staying near your paper or directing your pen. They will also help prepare yourself for dating as you will see them playing with you lipstick or even help you to make food, better yet join in it. They love to play with their master and small toys and will remain so throughout life. With a bit of skill they will even to learn to make a contribution. A Devon Rex is not likely to get bored, but keep an eye on him and when you see a bag with four legs that just sits, that means that it would not hurt playing a bit with your cat.

They love to talk only when they have something to say, but believe us when we say that you will enjoy hearing a Devon melt chirping as his voice is soft and pleasant. Devons are often seen as cats that can easily live with those who have allergies to felines. These cats shed their fur much less than others, which help allergenic people, but should not be seen as non-allergenic cats.

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