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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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The Dog – Human’s Best Friend

For sure, the dog is the most popular pet around the world being the first animal to be domesticated more than 14.000 years ago from gray wolf.
Dogs play an important role in the human life deserving activities such as working, companionship, hunting or protection.
Some of their basic senses are more developed than the human senses like the hearing and the smell.

Some of the most popular dog breeds 

– Beagle dog is a small – medium sized one. They looks like a Foxhound dog, but with smaller legs and a gentle temper. They have a 12 to 15 years life span.

– Boxer is a medium sized dog with strong temper being presented for the first time in 1900 in Germany. The Boxer is a faithful, devoted dog to its master.
Their life span is about 7 – 8 years.

– Rottweiler is a large size domestic dog from Germany. This dog breed is commonly used for work, rescue or protection. Their life span is about
9 – 12 years.

– Chow Chow: is a medium sized dog originated in China. The dog can be recognized for his puffy-lion appearance or purple tongue, known as lazy
and remote tempered. His life span is about 10-15 years.

– Golden Retriever: a popular hunting dog in Scotland and one of the most loved companion dog. They have a friendly temper and a 9 – 15 years life span.

Dog food 
Some breeds needs special treatment when talk about food. Around this, a huge industry was developed in the past years. Every year the dog owners
spend more than $15 billion buying brands like Pedigree or Purina. Also, there are dogs who don't need a special treatment if they receive a
normal food in the first years life.

Nowadays, the dog is not just an animal, becoming a part of the family who has adopted it. Many singles like the old people adopt a dog to
banish the loneliness.

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