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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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The Dogue De Bordeaux, An Aggressive Protector

The Dogue de Bordeaux dog breed, also known as the French mastiff, became popular after appearing in the U.S. movie "Turner and Hooch" in the mid 80s. Although still little known outside the borders of France, the race turns out to be a powerful imposing, but also an affectionate family member.

As with other breeds, Dogue de Bordeaux origins seem to be a closely guarded secret. Some believe that the race is a descendant of the giant Moloss, a dog that does not exist anymore and that was used by the Romans in battle. Some believe that this dog appeared after a crossbreeding with a bulldog and a mastiff, while others believe that this race is one and the same as those used to hunt Celts. Skipping, other details; this dog is powerful, impressive, a beloved companion and native protector.

As the name implies, the Dogue de Bordeaux has developed greatly in the Bordeaux region of France. He served as the front dog in guarding herds of cattle and sheep, and even as a personal bodyguard or took part in gladiatorial combat. During the French Revolution, which removed the French monarchy, the dog's fate was uncertain. Many of them have been killed trying to protect their assets and property owners. After the French Revolution, there were huge changes in appearance and size of the breed.

Today the Dogue de Bordeaux has a muscular body, strong with a deep chest. The head is massive, broad, short and provided with many folds and prominent jaws. The eyes are oval, well-spaced with a prominent upper arch. The ears are flapped, folded and are placed on top of the head and feature a wide mounting base. The tail is left at its natural length. The Dogue de Bordeaux coat is short, soft and smooth, in various shades of brown. The most common variety is bright red in color with brown or amber eyes. Some dogs may show a brown or black mask. Dogue de Bordeaux presents a height of 58 to 75 centimeters and weighs 54.4 to 65.2 kilograms.

This dog is a loyal and devoted, but has a strong character, trying to dominate the weak people, and in some circumstances can even become aggressive. It is an excellent guard dog as his mere appearance can frighten potential intruders. This race is not for people who own a dog for the first time or for those that cannot control them.

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