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The European Burmese, A Cat With An Aristocratic Allure

The European Burmese is a robust cat, with short hair, shiny as satin. All European and North American Burmese come from one cat that arrived in the United States in 1930. The race has existed for centuries in its native lands. According to a legend, the Burmese is a descendant of a breed of cats in temples once idolized as the embodiment of good. The European Burmese cats have lived in Southeast Asia for centuries. Their presence is confirmed by describing the work done in the ancient "Cat-Book Poems", a manuscript written in the Ayudha city, Siam (now Thailand) from 1350 and 1767, when the city was destroyed by invaders.

However, the epic European Burmese of today began in 1930 when a female cat was brought from Burma in the United States. The cat, named Wong Mau and caught the attention of Joseph Thompson, a physician recently retired from the U.S. Navy. Thompson found that race was a distinct Burmese rather than a variant of the Siamese. The doctor began a breeding program well done to establish the new breed of American Burmese. The European Burmese is similar to the American Burmese only that it has different coat color characteristics. It comes in three color varieties like brown with dark extremities, light brown with darker extremities and dark chocolate brown. Finally, Thompson decided to breed only chocolate brown sheets, considering them the most beautiful and special.

The European Burmese is a cat of medium size, well made, athletic with well-spaced ears, wider at the base and rounded tip, large eyes, shining in different shades of yellow. The body is slender with elegant legs, small oval paws that give the cat an aristocratic allure. The chest is strong and rounded. The tail is medium in length, tapered and ending with a rounded top.

European Burmese cats are active and very smart, likes to play, especially if their owner is involved in the game. However, if you spend most time away from home, the Burmese is not exactly the best cat breed for you. She is very devoted and sociable, requiring considerable time on your part to keep them company. In this situation, if you decided to take possession of a European Burmese, best bet would be to buy two copies in order to keep each other company.

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