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The First Signs That You Are Pregnant


You want to know what the first signs that you are pregnant are, either because you’re trying for a long time to have a baby, or because you’re afraid that your birth control method has failed?

They talk about instinct, intuition, a special sense that would allow women to know without testing or external signs: this is more of a myth, because without watching changes in your body and finding an explanation for their cause, you usually do not have the ability to just know it! Mothers who say they “just knew”, actually hoped and dreamed to have a baby, or on the contrary, that they were too afraid that this will happen. But they did not know in the strict sense of the word!

So, the first signs that you are pregnant are the following:

Lack of menstruation – if in one month your period delays, this is usually a clear sign, especially if you notice other changes, as well. But it is not a  certainty: first of all, menstruation may miss one month for other reasons (related to state of health, medication) and secondly, you may have your period in a month and still be pregnant (especially if you use contraception based on hormones)!

You started to urinate more often than normal and without increasing your fluids intake. In the first period of pregnancy, all women feel this need, so they even wake up at night to use the toilet.

Do you feel lately nauseous and even you’re vomiting without having done anything special (without having eaten fatty or spicy foods, without having drunk alcohol the night before)? Do these states usually occur when you wake up in the morning? This is a symptom of pregnancy, which often occurs in the second week of pregnancy, due to various hormonal changes. It would be the time to ask yourself serious questions and follow other possible first signs that you are pregnant!

Another sign that indicates a pregnancy is a continuous state of hunger, although you ate as usual. If you have such feelings or strange cravings for some foods that you have not really experienced, you should think about buying a pregnancy test. Not necessarily hunger (which may appear as an irrational impulse in other situations, such as stress or depression), but rather changing tastes (you start to like some foods that before did not attract you or vice-versa) is a clue.

The first signs that you are pregnant? Observe your breasts: are there changes in their appearance? Right from the first weeks of pregnancy, the breasts are bigger and more firm, they even look more attractive. Nipples are more sensitive than normal and the surrounding skin (areola) has a darker color. These changes can be mistaken with the sensation during menstruation, but if your breasts are large, hard and you feel pain, it is possible for your body to prepare for breastfeeding once the egg has implanted in the uterine lining and started to develop.

For several days, you’re afraid that you put a few extra pounds and you’ve eaten something that made you bloated? Do you have a rounder abdomen and symptoms of bloating? It may be one of the first signs that you are pregnant! In addition, in the first month of pregnancy, the normal gain in weight would be about a pound.

If you experience a permanent state of exhaustion and fatigue that is not caused by any change in the program or lack of sleep, this may also be a clue. Increased levels of progesterone can cause tiredness, felt similar to the fatigue when you are anemic. This fatigue can be combined with nausea and fainting caused by lack of saccharin in the blood (the fetus consumes saccharin) and blood pressure.

Are you beginning to more clearly distinguish different flavors and smells around you? The sense of smell becomes in the first weeks of pregnancy extremely sensitive and you can experience nausea when you meet certain smells that previously were not an issue for you: cigarette smoke, fried food, cleaners, perfumes. Conversely, you could start to suddenly like odors that before you found repulsive: gasoline, gas.

The hormonal changes the body goes through along with the embryo formation cause irritability and conflicting emotions, switching from one state to another without apparent reason: one moment you are nervous and stressed, then you relax and start smiling for no reason.

Unjustified back pains and headaches can be other first signs that you are pregnant. Another physical inconvenience during early pregnancy is represented by digestive disorders, especially constipation and heartburn.

High temperatures may be another clue: if this high level is not caused by a cold and lasts for more days, it can be determined by the hCG hormone, issued once you became pregnant.

It is good to watch closely all these first signs that you are pregnant if you want a child or, on the contrary, if you do not completely trust contraception methods. But once you notice any of these signs detailed above, the most prudent and logical response would be to make a pregnancy test (it is simple, effective, affordable and can provide you a clear answer).

If the outcome of this test will be positive, schedule a medical appointment, in which you will find a clear answer 100% and other details about the evolution of your pregnancy.


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