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The Function Of Business Administration

Business administration is a term which is used to describe an education or a position which consists of performance or management of a businesss operations as well as making and implementing a number of decision making processes. The term Administration is originally derived from a Middle English word administracioun which in turn comes from the French word administration is used to describe a universal process which includes organizing, the resources and people so that recourses are directed towards objectives and common goals.

An administrator can also be a title of a person such as a companys secretary or a general manager who is in charge of running an organization and then reporting to a board of directors. This title may be somewhat archaic yet in many businesses and large multinational cooperations this function will exist along with a management information systems services. However it is important to note that there are different types of business administration.

In a number of organizations organizational analyses is viewed as being a subset of their administration and is often associated with technical and often mundane elements of the organizations operations. But it is distinct from strategic or executive work. In a number of other organizations an administration can often refer to operational or bureaucratic office tasks which are internally oriented and are more reactive instead of being proactive.

Business Administration Schools
Business administration was taught at the Ecole Suprieure de Commerce de Paris the first business school which was established back in 1819. Wharton School was the first business school in America and was founded around eighty years later in 1881. Another top French business school was also HEC which was established in 1881 with the Harvard Business School being founded later on in 1908 a year after the ESSEC Business School in France was established.

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