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The German Shorthaired Pointer Needs Daily Exercise

The German Shorthaired Pointer has its country of origin In Germany and it is a dog that adapts well to any field sport and above this he is an excellent companion. His height at the withers is 62 to 66 centimeters, available for males and 58 to 63 centimeters for females. The coat of a German Shorthaired Pointer is short, brown with white spots, brown without white spots, brown and white with brown spots on the head with or without small brown spots. There are also copies with black fur with the same combination of different shades of brown spots. Yellow spots are also permitted. The coat does not require much care. An occasional brushing will keep the coat in good condition. From time to time, make sure to clean his ears.

Dogs of this breed are docile, intelligent, eager to learn, loyal, active, spontaneous, courageous, alert, friendly and have a well developed sense of smell. Because it is intelligent and eager to learn, the German Shorthaired Pointer with short hair is not difficult to train in conditions in which the trainer is consistent in his approach. They like to be busy and work for their master and also they will always find things to do to keep their selves occupied. They are suitable for all dog sports.

Regarding the social behavior, in general, the German Shorthaired Pointer gets along well with other dogs and animals in the household and the same goes for children. Although they tend to be friendly with everyone they are very vigilant. Dogs of this breed are more fit for family sports. Remember that the German Shorthaired Pointer is a dog who likes to be busy and cannot and will not adapt to a sedentary life. Many of them like to swim and make a contribution. If you do not like to hunt with these dogs, it is important to take it on long walks and to create the opportunity for them to run and play off the leash. When they do enough physical exercise they will be calm inside the house and will not cause any problems or have behavior changes.

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