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The Great Dane Is The Biggest Dog In The World

The Great Dane is a member of the working dogs and it was originally used as a hunting dog of war and wild boars, deer, wolves and other large game animals. Currently they are only used for companion and as guard dogs. The Great Dane currently holds the world record for being the biggest dog in the world.

The Great Dane dogs were seen in drawings in Egyptian tombs that dated to the year 2200 BC, but had shorter legs and the body resembled masks. Such dogs were scattered in different countries via traders. In Germany the breed was further developed in reaching the dog we know today. It is believed that the original mask type was crossed with a greyhound to give the dog agility and thus resulting in our today Great Dane. It was first used as instigators of bulls and then, in 1592, began to be used by nobility to hunt wild boar. In 1800 the dog was very popular and has been used by large landowners to hunt large game. The first of the great Danish club began in Britain in 1885 and in the U.S. being founded four years later.

Feeding the breed can be quite significant both in terms of quantity and cost. Supplements of calcium and other kinds of supplements should be avoided except where there are clear indications from the breeder. Too much or too little amount of the wrong type of food can lead to obvious growth problems that cannot be seen until the dog does not reach a greater age.

Average life expectancy of a Great Dane is between 9 and 15 years but is usually between 5 and 10 years. Some dogs live more or less as there have been cases recorded of 14 years of life. The Great Dane is usually gives birth to an average number of eight pups. The Great Dane is a large dog, very muscular and powerful. The head is rectangular and long in appearance. They have a short and dense coat. The dog gives the appearance of being very noble and dignified. A female can reach a height between 71 centimeters and 76 centimeters, and a male between 76 centimeters and 81 centimeters.

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