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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, The Best Dog For The Family

In the past, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog was dog less known among others and is now used for security and as a pet. Its height at the withers is 65 to 72 centimeters for males and 60 to 68 centimeters for females. The coat is made of a straight hair which is thick and woolly. The color is always black with white and rust areas. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog does not require much care. An occasional brushing with a rubber brush to remove dead hair is enough and separated. This dog is intelligent, friendly, willing to work, careful, reliable, not easily fooled by "bribery" and has a protective character. Other good points are that it is a dog that is well balanced, sociable and obedient. These dogs bark only when necessary.

Although this breed is attached to the family in part these dogs are not suitable for everyone. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is very large and needs a strong owner with at least empowering character. He should have the opportunity to grow in a balanced environment, to understand clearly what is allowed and what not, and be able to attach the family. Make sure you are consistent in his approach. A serious approach will only destroy the dog's character.
During growth supervise it and check it carefully so that energy is focused on developing harmonious. For the same reason you do not make dog food economy.

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog gets along great with other dogs and other animals in the house. Under your care he can be a great companion for children, but remember that it will protect children from their friends if they believe that they do not leave him alone.
They are excellent guard dogs that will protect the family and the property. They are not suitable for life in a cage.

This race is hard-working, which means if you take into account the intelligence that can be multi potent working dogs. This dog has the potential to excel in dressage competitions and other areas of canine sports. If you happen to go a week without doing anything, the dog will accept it easily and will not behave improperly. This beautiful and impressive dog needs a lot of space. It will not be happy in an apartment or small house without a garden.

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