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The Greyhound Is A Very Fast Dog

The Greyhound has the same length as the Afghan and the Egyptian tombs and monuments of Assyrian make us known that the Greyhound has existed for over 4000 years. In Egyptian hieroglyphics, a greyhound with high tail means "courage and victory" a greyhound with the tail hanging means "defeat and fear." King David said "greyhound movements are as beautiful as the movements of a horse or a woman." It is a descendant of the Egyptian and Arab Slough Greyhound. He appeared in Europe just in the Middle Ages and was brought from the Holy Land by King Louis the Saint. They were used for hunting deer, wolves, foxes and rabbits. Only in England, after care a selection, Greyhound got its nobility.

The Greyhound has an aerodynamic shape as the shoulders are lying obliquely so that the front may include, in running and the quite large areas allow the Greyhound speed and remarkable endurance. The symmetrical construction makes him vigorous, with formidable muscles the body is balanced. Its body is symmetrical, balanced with a long head, moderately broad, flat skull, long nose, dry and sharp black, strong and muscular jaws. The eyes are bright and intelligent, dark, fiery. The ears are small, with fine texture and are called "rose ears" and are attached much behind the head in the shape of a rose and are folded and lying on the neck. The neck is muscular, long and slender, well curved, long and the muscular body has sloping shoulders which give it a great mobility. The chest is large and deep with a strong back, well developed, slightly rounded, deep and vigorous.

The male Greyhound has a height of 71 to 76 centimeters and 68 to 76 for females. Also the males have a weight of 25 to 30 kilograms and the females also have 25 to 30 kilograms in weight. Their hair color can be black, white, red, blue, gray, brown, copper, brown-yellow, rod or one of these colors on a white background.

A Greyhound is an intelligent dog with exceptional swiftness of great vivacity and with a remarkable power of resistance and perseverance, flexible, courageous, proud and reserved. Although devoted to his master, is not suitable for children, being nervous. It is used to hunt deer and wolves and, in particular in contests of running, thanks to his exceptional speed.

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