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The Himalayan, The Brother Of The Persian Cat

The Himalayan is an exotic cat breed and with many decades ago, a breeder suddenly decided to cross each cat with the Persian Siamese and created a race that meets the attributes of both. He thought that if you combine the elegance of a Persian Siamese with more cats, sooner or later you would come up with a feline that is perfect in any way. He knew that his theory was good and that he would be lucky and obtain what he wanted. After many attempts he finally obtained a cat that was unique and had Persian similarities. Thus the Himalayan appeared.

The breeders desire was to get a cat to look like the Persian only to be a Siamese and at the same time have elegance. Thus, the Himalayan cat stands out because of its quiet temperament, being suitable for families with elderly or young children. It is well suited for any home, with a yard or an apartment. Because of its cam temperament it is safe to leave this cat alone as it will not damage the furniture. Also it will never get bored as it will always find ways to amuse itself.

The Himalayan is a breed of long-haired cats – Persian type with a model inherited from the Siamese coat. This hybrid breed became known as the Himalayan and although some associations do not recognize this feline and consider it to be a separate race and take account of it as the Persian version only by its color (which does not bother fans Himalayan cats).

Indeed, much like the Persian, the Himalayan cat has a plump head which is wide with round eyes that are big and blue, a short nose, snub, a stocky body with shorter legs and long hair that is fine. These are features found in both races. What distinguishes them is the signs and the color-point as they are members of different color than the body hair.
In English and German this cat has the name of Himalayan and only In France it is called the Himalayan Persian or the Unique Color.

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