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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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The Japanese Bobtail Korat, Another Ancient Cat Breed

The Japanese Bobtail Korat, in his tricolor variety called "I-Ke" is a lucky cat, and in Tokyo there a temple with front frescoes representing this feline. An I-Ke with paws raised symbolizes happiness. Prints, paintings and sculptures attest to Japan and other Far East countries of origins of this ancient breed that owes its short tail name ( bobtail which is related to a short tail), but it should be noted that this feature is caused by an auto-somal recessive gene, totally different from that which characterizes the Manx breed. Only in 1968 the United States received the first couple of cats I-Ke, which came from Japan. Race would be recognized two years after and then would become prosperous in growth. In France, the breed was introduced recently in 1981, when Mrs. Helene Choisnard a female brought from Bangkok a cat and then mated it with a male Bobtail, came from the United States, for the first time in the early 1982. Since then, the Japanese Bobtail Korat breed was recognized by the International Feline Federation in 1990 and also by the Livre Officiel des Origines of felines in France.

They are higher than European cats and less slender than Siamese as the Japanese Bobtail Korat has long limbs, twoards the back, higher than the previous ones and are generally bent at rest. The head is triangular and has gentle contours. Eyes are oval and oblique, ranging from yellow to gold-copper.

The tail is formed from a welded vertebrae, measuring between 8 and 10 cm, when it is depilated. Overall, the look is typically opened by similarity with chrysanthemum. The coat has short hair, soft and silky, but there is a variety with long hair. It is white, black, red, black and white or red and white. There are cats that are turtle or have tortoise shell of cream color. The variety most wanted is the one that brings good luck and is called I-Ke in Japan and is black with red on a white background. This tri-color brand is normally met by the laws of genetics of those in females.

Livre Officiel des Origines felines recognize all coat colors, except chocolate and lilac on the extremities. The Japanese Bobtail Korat is quiet, loyal and sociable. It has an extensive vocabulary, meows modulated and maintaines its owners true conversations.

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