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The Kerry Blue Terrier Is Specialized In Hunting Birds

The ancestors of the Kerry Blue Terrier race are said to be the Dandy Dinmont Terrier and Bedlington. It was first registered in the county Kerry, hence the name and is the result of choices made in the second half of the 19th century. It was used to hunt small animals and birds, causing both water intake, and on land and was also used by the police.

The Kerry Blue Terrier is a dog of medium size, sturdy, muscular, with long legs. The head is long, flattened, with a smooth stop, muzzle the same as the skull and with a big black nose. The eyes are small and dark. The ears are V-shaped, folded forward. It has rich and long hair forming whiskers and beard on the face. The neck is long and the tail is set high, short, straight up, without being left back. The coat is soft, dense, thick, without lower layer and wavy. The color varies from light blue to dark blue, darker or even black on the muzzle, head, ears, tail and legs. Puppies are born black in color or blue and will reach adulthood is about 18 months. It has a height around 44 and 49 centimeters and can weigh around 14 to 18 kilograms.

The Kerry Blue Terrier is a dog brave, intelligent and eager towards life, lively and cheerful, even boisterous, alert and playful and can be stubborn at times. It barks less and has strong hunting instincts. He is very devoted to his master and is loving with children. Also he should be used with small animals such as cats while he is little so he won’t chase them when they are large. Other dogs may be accepted depending on the personality, yet he reserved and suspicious of each canine and he is reserved with strangers. The coat needs an occasional combing even though he does not shed. Once or twice a year, the fur should be sent.

This dog should be trained by someone experienced, confident and firm. These dogs must learn who is the master for they are quite stubborn. Also training must be consistent, varied, strong, made with safety.

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