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The Last Week Of Pregnancy


Emotions rise, the preparations for the coming baby in the world are in full swing, but, as most babies will always take their mother by surprise, even if cesarean delivery is scheduled for some time, there may be big surprises in terms of when little decides to be born. This is how to characterize the last week of pregnancy, which, as most mothers say, is a special one, as they really are feeling overwhelmed by emotions.

Many of the mothers were used to feel their baby in the womb and in the last week may think wistfully that it would come to this world and the physical connection between the two will not be as strong. Other mothers are looking forward and with great emotions to give birth to a soul.

A normal pregnancy lasts 40 weeks, but in very rare cases the child is born on set. So sometimes surprises occur, producing birth just two weeks before normal, or may delay up to two weeks.

What happens to the mother in the last week of pregnancy?

In the last week of pregnancy mothers should feel relieved, because the burden almost passed, leaving only a few days to the most beautiful moment in their lives. However, many mothers have said that these last days were the hardest, not because of problems arising, but because of emotions and anxiety. In recent weeks, a woman’s body prepares for what follows, that for the actual birth itself.

In the last week of pregnancy there are no longer  significant changes in the body, only certain symptoms that point at the beginning of the labor, such as back pain or abdominal pain. Also this week contractions occur, not the specific labor, but Braxton Hicks contractions which represent the preparation of the whole system for birth.

Many mothers have said that in last week of pregnancy, along with fears and emotions which are perfectly normal, especially if it’s your first pregnancy, there is some discomfort. A feeling of discomfort is normal, because the abdomen has already reached a large size, the fetus is fully developed, so this discomfort can be characterized also by  insomnia, anxiety and irritability.

In the last week of pregnancy, the expectant moms experience a strange mix of feelings and sensations, so they need support from the husband, parents and friends. It is possible that worries and fears that they could not handle everything after they give birth to lead to more serious problems such as postpartum depression, which installs many times even before birth, exacerbating after. This week, the fetus is developed in every way and eager to know a new world. It is preparing to face the  ”threats” of the world, so baby gets from the mother’s body the necessary antibodies that will protect him in the first months of life.

What can you do to get over last week of pregnancy ?

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful period of life for women, actually representing the transition and preparation to another role, that of mother. Many moms are looking forward to holding their baby in their arms, while others feel nostalgic fearing that the relationship between them and the child will not be as strong.

Especially if it’s your first pregnancy, expectant moms really need a “survival guide” for the last week of pregnancy, although in some cases the period may be prolonged, lasting more. To avoid further problems, the best way to get over this week is rest. This period is important and very tiring, but for the sake of the small one it’s better to avoid possible stress factors. Besides rest, relaxation is essential. Moms can relax doing shopping or decorating baby’s room. Moreover, they can buy milk supplies, diapers, baby bottles and other objects needed.

It is preferable that the mother does not stay too long alone this week. Father scan be involved in these activities, as dads are excited and eager to keep their babies in their arms as well. Support of family and friends is very important in terms of the psychological state of the future mother. It is very important that you feel protected and know that he can trust everyone around

Also in this special week, moms can participate in special courses that will ease the effort to follow during birth. You can socialize with other moms, can make even other activities together, such as shopping for babies waiting to be brought into the world. Every moment of pregnancy must be lived to the maximum intensity, but the last week is the most thrilling. The tips above are very useful for mothers who want to pass more easily over this period so tense and exciting.


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