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The Most Beautiful Australian Cities

In Australia, the major cities are connected by road, air or rail and the transport is provided by buses, subways and taxis. The Australian cities and regions are very different one from another. However they have one thing in common: the security. No matter how big or small the city is, during the daytime or the nighttime, every person can walk on the streets without making any worries.

Sydney, the largest and the most loved Australian city, is popular due to its relaxed life, sandy beaches, culture and friendly people. It is impossible to get bored during a holiday in Sydney, because the atmosphere is very different from other regions. Although considered a valuable urban center, this is the place where you can meet the typical Australian animals: kangaroos (sometimes even on the plate, if you're willing to risk), koala, bats – called flying foxes, and whales. You can choose between thousands of pubs and plenty of places to visit. Undoubtedly, if you want to visit Sydney, the airplanes are the best means of transport. At the airport, you are only 9 kilometers away from the city. The best time to visit Sydney is during the spring and the summer.

Canberra, a city designed in an ad hoc manner, is the Australian capital. The bustle and the clamor specific to the great capitals are missing here. Canberra is the only city where kangaroos can be found in the wild, hopping on the parliaments esplanade or even swimming in the lake in front of it. On the lake shore you can find the most important public institutions worthy of a capital: The Supreme Court, The National Archives, The National Museum of Australia, The National Library, The National Center for Science and Technology, The National Gallery of Art, The National Film and Sound Archive.

Adelaide is a coastal city, located in the Gulf St. Vincent. The town was first named in 1836 by the Captain John Hindmarsh, after Adelaide: the German-born queen of England. Adelaide is a cultural city which is also called 'the festival city for its jazz festivals and exhibitions of famous artists. There are also many sports meetings that take place in this wonderful city. Moreover, it has become famous for its numerous churches, such as: the St. Peter's Cathedral, the Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas.

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