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The Most Haunted Places In The World

Although many are at least skeptical of the idea of the existence of spirits, everyone likes a good ghost story told around a warm fire in the winter time. And the best stories are necessarily those with at least a small touch of reality in them, those that can be placed somewhere on the map and are confirmed by some witnesses. Thus, some locations, initially anonymous, become places of pilgrimage for those who believe that souls can remain trapped in this world. These are the most haunted places in the world:

Most of these events took place at a time when people were more superstitious, and science had not reached all homes. But the mysterious manifestations of these places are still raised from time to time, deepening the mystery. The first place to be mentioned is the Bell Witch Cave. The name of the so-called witch comes from the fact that a malicious entity has tormented a family named Bell, until the head of the family gave up nervously and died.

It all started in 1817, when Betsy Bell, the daughter of the family, began to complain that something wont let her sleep. Indeed, the other family members began to be pulled by the hair, while the blankets were pulled off them at night. The attacks became more frequent and more severe following the family members everywhere. The spirit began to speak to those present, saying that it belongs to a long dead Indian girl, which would disappear if her bones would be found, fact which didnt happen.

Then the spirit said that it belongs to an old and eccentric woman. Sometimes it would physically attack those present, especially those who tried to chase it, and sometimes it would materialize fruits and nuts, as testimonials say. John Bell, Betsy's father became ill shortly, dying probably because of nerve problems. Suddenly the spirit became more benevolent and then it disappeared to return after seven years. When the spirit returned, he was totally ignored and apparently disappeared forever. Today, the curious cant add the familys property to the most haunted places in the world that they visited, but they can see the nearby cave, where it is still said that appear photographic anomalies and strange lights.

The Calvados Castle in France was the place that scared to death its residents between 1875 and 1876. When a woman said the first time that she saw a moving chair, she was told to rest, but when a grown man was found shivering under the blanket from fear of the same chair that moved a few feet, everyone gone in search for an intruder. The fact that they didnt found anything made this castle to be included among the most haunted places in the world. And since the ones that were living in that house couldnt sleep because of the powerful sounds, they called the parish priest, who confirmed that the events were having an unexplained origin.

The phantom also had a voice, one of a woman that was crying, which was heard for several nights, especially in the so-called "green room". A brave officer wanted to stay overnight in the room, and after several shootings, the others found him trembling after an entity tried to pull everything off the bed. There have also been reported sounds similar to the ones of the bulls, sudden drops of water in the fireplace, and other unexplainable events that had gotten worse during an exorcism. Thereafter it seemed that what had been one of the most haunted places in the world had found peace. The ghost had reappear, but more quietly, until its total disappearance.

The last story with ghosts is the one in Louisiana, on the Myrtles plantation, placed over a sacred place of burial of the Indians. The place had a bloody history that began with the adventure of the plantation owner with a slave. The accused slave, named Chloe, was cut one ear because she interfered in the owners personal life. She wanted to poison the lady of the house and her daughters in order to take care of them, so she added substances with negative effects in their cake, but they have died. The slave was also hanged, and the plantation owner was killed shortly afterwards.

Even though these events were tragic, they are insufficient to transform the plantation in one of the most haunted places on the planet. But it seems that they have triggered a real unexplained series of events. Chloe was seen again by some persons, the ghostly presence being often accused of stealing earrings, although it is always seen with its turban with which the ear was covered. Another woman with black skirt was seen levitating to the music rhythm, while many people complained that they have heard their name being called by this ghostly presence or that they heard steps at night. Maybe the story of this place is enough to give shivers of fear to anyone, but that does not mean that the plantation does not fit into the most haunted places in the world. In fact, the shivers are those that make the difference.

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