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The Most Popular Pets


Do you know which are the most popular pets? There aren’t few persons who, due to their great love for animals, have in the house one or more pets. Keeping a pet is not an easy thing, but on the contrary, many animal lovers focuse their attention only on certain pets, that’s why this article will present you the most popular pets.

  1. Dogs are ranked first in the top of animal lovers, being the most popular pets. Dogs are so appreciated because they are very intelligent and affectionate animals, able to show their devotion and gratitude to the owner anytime. Dogs are loyal animals that sense when their owners have any problem, and try to help and protect them. In turn, dogs need a lot of attention and love from the owners. An evening walk after a hard day’s work is relaxing and beneficial both to the owner, and the dog. Dogs are perfect companions and love children, thus many families agree to give their children a good friend to play, meaning a dog. Children should be taught to behave properly, in order to avoid problems. These pets do not require special care. Depending on the breed, dogs should be groomed more or less, the diet may vary, but the maintainance for a dog is not expensive. The advantages of owning a dog as a pet are many, but it is preferable that, according to the housing, to choose the right breed.
  2. The second place among the most popular pets is taken by cats. Cats are loved and appreciated since antiquity, as they are very elegant and noble animals. Cats are very popular because they are loving and playful. They adapt easily to any environment and they love children. Caring for such a pet is not expensive, but some breeds require more special care regarding their fur.
  3. Fishes occupy the third place in the top preferences. Many persons are attracted by the variety of these little colorful aquatic creatures. Fishes have become pets because they require special care and attention from the owner. They are preferred by both children and adults, plus they fit any type of home.
  4. Hamsters are pets that are situated on the fourth place in the top choices of the most popular pets. These small rodents are very energetic and playful, and their maintaing does not cost much. Hamsters are more suitable for calm persons. They can be kept in small cages arranged accordingly. They mate very quickly, so they should be carefully observed. They love to run, for which the owners of such animals must buy them small wheels on which that hamsters can run, and small toys.
  5. Guinea pigs are bigger than hamsters and they are also very popular among animal lovers. They are not difficult to maintain and don’t have major health problems. They are sociable, both with people and with other Guinea pigs, so it is best to be kept in pairs, in order to always have company. Guinea pigs are sociable with children as well, therefore they are perfect pets for the little ones.
  6. Cage birds are also popular. They are so appreciated since they are very intelligent, being the perfect pets. Some parrots can imitate the voices of people or certain noise, being very funny. They are easy to maintain, and do not require excessive care. Cage birds are very social and very curious. It’s good to have two specimens in a cage, for them to not feel alone. These birds can be kept in any house, no matter how small it is, as a cage does not occupy much space. Their color offers a particular elegance, which explains why they are highly admired for their plumage. One advantage of pet birds is the high life expectancy.
  7. Turtles are also very loved. They are very quiet and quite smart. They are perfect for children older than 8 years. Turtles need attention, are very friendly and easy to maintain. The aquarium in which the turtle is held should be large so that it can give it a friendly environment. They match any home.
  8. Reptiles can also be considered pets, since they are increasingly appreciated. Their maintenance is more difficult because they are accustomed to freedom. Snakes can be very dangerous if they escape from the aquarium, so these animals do not fit everyone, but very responsible people.

Depending on each one’s preference, pets can change the life of their owners, making them more responsible, more aware and more loving. A pet is the ideal choice to escape the stress and daily routine.


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