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The Most Suitable Country To Start A Business


According to a top published by Forbes at the end of 2011, the most suitable countries to start a business are Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Ireland. Canada occupies the first position in the rank published by the mentioned famous publication. Talking about the neighbors of United States, their economy grew from 1.5 trillion dollars in 2010 with about three percent in 2011. According to expert estimations we should expect a new increase up to 2.5 percent in 2012.

The major Canadian banking institutions, Royal Bank of Canada and Bank of Montreal recorded an increasing path and even profit during the entire recession period in 2009 and up to now. They didn’t need infusion of capital. One fact that helped them to rich this situation was due to the positive credit policies adopted.

New Zealand is ranked on the second place on the same top drawn by Forbes experts. Lately, the economy has ceased to be defined by a profound agriculture character. The influence of the British market decreased in strength, so the New-Zealanders were able to focus on their country’s industrial development. The infrastructure has greatly expanded, and the state became very productive from a few points of view.

Hong Kong is a country dependent by of international trade. In the recent years, due to its very good relationship with China, the economy of this country knew a great period of great development. Moreover, exports began to increase and the amount of money recorded in Hong Kong did the same.

Ireland, one of the countries which adopted the transition to the unique European currency in 2002, has known lately an economic growth path. Although the country’s gross domestic product began to drop with one or two percent each year, it has not influenced the number of businesses and foreign investments. For the near future we hope in an economic recovery.

Denmark is ranked fifth in Forbes. Its modern market, developed agriculture and pharmaceutical industries, marine and renewable energy transform this state in one of the most developed in the world and with one of the highest standards of living.

Singapore is the next country in the rank. With a GDP level above all countries in the region, with stable prices and with decent living conditions Singapore represents an ideal environment for those who want to open a business in this region. Here, as in many countries in Southeast Asia, there is a great emphasis on exports, especially the export of technological products.

Another state from Northern Europe, present in the rank drawn by Forbes at the end of 2011, is Sweden. Like the Danes, Swedes enjoy as well a very high level of living, mostly due to the excellent capitalism implemented here. Highly qualified workforce and also the rich employment opportunities recommend this country as a very suitable one for those who want to start their own business.

Norway’s economy is on a path of constant growth. Its rich natural resources (especially the oil and petroleum reserves, the hydropower and the mineral resources) contributes greatly to the prosperity of the population living on the territory of Norway and it is a friendly environment for anyone looking to develop a profitable business there, both on short term but especially on medium and long term.

Great Britain is a huge financial centre, at European level and even worldwide. Following Germany and France, the British economy is the strongest on the continent. The strong sector of their economy is agriculture, as they are able to produce over half of the food necessary for the population of their country.

Although it has been strongly hit by the recession in the last few years, United States is still a state where business and great vision thrive. Although it is quite difficult to develop long term businesses here, so you might be interested on focusing on developing rather a short term business if you chose this destination.


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