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The Pekingese Is A Very Jealous Pet

The Pekingese is a cross between the Lhassa Apso dog breed and ancient Chinese "lion dog or Little Beijing". The Pekingese is known for over 2000 years BC. Painters and sculptors of their era represented it in their works as today. In ancient China there was reserved exclusively royal palace for it and its export or theft is prohibited and punished with death. In Europe in the late 18th century, some British officers brought it into the country after the war in China in 1860 and some copies were given to Queen Victoria. A few years later the exhibition appears and it spreads quickly throughout Europe.

The Pekingese is a small dog, well built, dignified and courageous, the body is compact and covered with rich hair, the head is solid, the skull is broad between the eyes and flat between ears, slightly domed with a very short nose, broad, flat, black, with opened nostrils, placed between the eyes and the nose is very broad and pleated while the stop is deep, broad and has a powerful lower jaw.

The hair is long, straight, smooth, having curl or false loops, more sharply than soft, often down and on the neck forms a high ridge that extends beyond the shoulders forming a collar around the neck which is rich in fringes on ears, legs, thighs, toes and tail. The Pekingese has a height of 30 to 45 centimeters and a weight between 3.6 to 4.5 kilograms.

Regarding temperament, dogs of this breed can be stubborn and jealous. Held responsible, he will make as he is innocent and only sometimes will respond when it is called. A Pekingese manifests as any true guard dog, generally reserved, often mischievous, sometimes aggressive, especially in the presence of other dogs. Thus, it will take a lot to get used to the presence of a stray dog. With a little patience from the owner in terms of a proper education, this dog will socialize easily and become quite friendly with foreign animals. The average life expectancy is around 10 and 15 years. As a companion, it is loyal, very protective of the master and sometimes does not seem to realize that it is a dog and does not like to be treated as such.

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