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The Planets Of The Indian Astrology


The planets of the Indian astrology practically have the same significances as the planets of the other astrologies – such as the Aztec or Chinese – except they present themselves under other names and they obviously capture other synonymic connotations.

Like the occidental astrology, the planets of the Indian astrology represent basic elements, together with the astrologic houses, indicating the way deeds of anterior lives were committed and the modality in which the present life should be lived in order to have a comforting and uplifting existence (this principle is based on reincarnation or we may report ourselves on parallel universes, but altogether they have the same nucleus of idea).

The astrological houses of the Vedic astrology indicate the exact domains in which all these actions are manifested (for instance the house of money or the house of health). Also, the astrologic houses influence the actions according to the situation of the respective planet or according to the nature, determining how powerfully those domains of activity will manifest.

Planets of the Indian astrology – the Sun

We will first of all begin with the Sun, which is more precisely a star and not  a planet, but it may be taken as such, considering the fact that the others rotate around it. The Sun bared the name of Aditya or Surya in Sanskrit, being the governor of all the other planets. It is the source of life and it sustains the human physical structure, being gravitated by the other planets and the entire life depending on the solar energy. In the meantime, the Sun – Surya – governs the intelligence, mind, success, wisdom, will and fortune in the present life of an individual, as well as the richness and fame. The sign it governs is Leo, being the correspondent of number one in numerology.

The way in which the Sun is positioned in a horoscope gives information on everything an individual may mean, his/her physical belonging, all the basic behavioral characteristics, as well as the physical force, the energy and its level – all of them being directly proportioned with the state of the Sun. It is said that all the people that lead – for instance kings, governors, emperors, officials, or even rich and famous people, personalities of the clergy or temples – are represented by the Sun. it also represents the artists, jewelers, actors, merchants, doctors or nurses. The planets of the Indian astrology, as well as their positioning may determine many coordinates in an individual’s life.

This way, if the Sun is well placed in the astro-chart when the individual is born, he/she may have extraordinary capacities, because the Sun brings joy, wisdom and fortune. If it is well expected, the native may become a celebrity in his/her working domain, or even in the world. On the other hand, if the Sun is improperly positioned, the respective native may have physical, mental or emotional problems; he/she may have a pessimistic attitude, he/she may live in modest or even poor conditions through life or he/she may have subservient attitudes towards others. In the human body, the Sun governs the head, heart, liver, lungs and the nerve system. In the masculine body, it protects the right eye, while in the feminine body is it protects the left eye.

Planets of the Indian astrology – the Moon

In the Indian astrology, the Moon bears the name of Chandra in Sanskrit. It governs the water as element, the planets and most of the vegetal reign, representing the mind – the way in which an individual thinks, his/her emotions, as well as the rest of the mental processes. It offers the native intuition and it governs youth, taste, love of poetry, music, sensuality, the attractive aspects of a person; and its influence may be manifested on the sensitivity and caprices of an individual. Cancer is governed by the Moon and it becomes powerful when positioned in this sign, or in Taurus – where it is said to be in plenteous exaltation. The Moon is in an unfavorable position when situated in Scorpio. When situated in beneficial aspects with Jupiter, Mars and the Sun, it becomes more powerful.

The ones born during the growth of the Moon are favored in comparison with those born when this planet is decreasing. This way, a powerfully issued Moon in an astro-chart may indicate a happy psychical state, a good memory, developed maternal capacities, great opportunities of sea journeys and absolute success in business. On the other hand, if the Moon is unfavorably issued, it may create mental anxiety, a certain psychical instability, the incapacity of relating with the people around the natives, the lack of sociability, the incapacity of living intimate moments, discontent and unrest, caprices and confused mind. According to how unfavorably the Moon is issued, it may lead to neurosis, madness or major hysteria, slight tendencies to get sick or problems in advancing professionally.

When the Moon is well-issued, it may give a state of psychical force, the capacity of building harmonious relationships and love towards the others. The Moon is the representative of interactions with the public, business, water, the liquids in the human organism in general, the water flows. It also controls the growth, conception and fertilization and it influenced the birth of babies. A weakly issued Moon may cause anemia, constipation, dehydration, fever, colds, intestinal problems, bronchitis or even cancer predisposition. The kidneys and lungs may also be affected and regarding the feminine gender, major infertility or menstruation problems may occur.

Planets of the Indian astrology – Mercury

The Mercury planet is also known as Saumya or Buddha and it is considered to be the son of the Moon – Chandra. It is generally neuter, so the influence it may have is according to the position it may have in the astrological houses or in the zodiac signs. Mercury is the closest to the Sun, which is why it gets much of the energy it transmits. This is why it may seem forever restless, giving the native – if powerfully represented in its astro-chart – an extraordinary capacity of deciding, of distinguishing between good and evil, of accomplishing the wanted goals.

Although Mercury – together with Jupiter – represents the human intelligence, the intelligence given by Mercury is not as mature as the one given by Jupiter. Mercury governs the double signs such as Gemini or Virgo since it is also a dual planet. Its energy is beneficial for those who write, to astrologists, professors, mathematicians, researches or IT people. It also governs the business environments, the dealers, brokers, bankers; as well as the communication means: telephony, internet, telegraph, courier or mail. In the human body, Mercury governs the arms, hands, lungs, the auditory system, the nervous and intestine system.

Planets of the Indian astrology – Venus

In Sanskrit, Venus is also called Shukra. It governs love, beauty, well-being, passion, music, dance and rain. When Venus is strong, it will bring a lot of attraction towards the opposite sex and well-being in love. The planet itself is the main governor of romanticism, harmony and love – everything that has to do with relationships and emotions in general. Venus is known to be the one that likes spreading harmony, tenderness and happiness, while teaching us how to love the ones around us.

It is also known as “the charming princess”, in opposition with Mars – “the young man”. Venus governs every peaceful relationship or marriage. When well positioned in a man’s astro-chart, he will have a good relationship with his wife. Also, Venus is the governor of art, of the esthetic sense, music, literature, dance, film, theatre, photographic art and so on. Generally, cinema or theatre stars, as well as successful artists have a very powerful Venus in their natal theme.

This planet makes us follow our senses and celebrate the beauty of the world we were born in. Venus is impossible to conceive in the absence of refinement, charm, culture and grace. This way, even the restaurants, sweets or hotel industry enter the incidence of this planet. The energy Venus represents is a feminine energy and it is the governor of Taurus and Libra. Venus governs the nose, eyes, chin, kidneys, sexual organs and the urinary bladder. The physical, as well as the interior beauty is also often associated with this planet.

The planets of the Indian astrology – Mars

The planet Mars is called in Sanskrit as Kuja or Mangala, being the one that mostly influences the policemen, warriors, militaries. Driving enters its sphere, as well as the capacity of administrating or leading; the independent spirits or the rebel, temperamental people. The Sun is considered to be the king of the entire solar system and Mars is considered to be the leader, bringing along the martial arts and the army. It is the governor of explosive, of fire guns and it governs the sign of Aries – a directly aggressive native, opened in comparison with the Scorpio that is hidden aggressive – which is also governed by Mars.

In comparison with the Sun, together with which Mars produces heat, the Sun is protective, but the explosive heat of Mars may even endanger life. This planet is represented in the natal themes specific to militaries, policemen, miners and experts in explosive materials, surgeons, metal workers or weapons manufacturers. Mars is the governor of the spine marrow, of red cells generation and the blood, offering resisting power to the entire organism against illnesses.

Planets in the Indian astrology – Jupiter

In the Indian astrology, Jupiter is known as Guru or Brahaspati – considered to be the governor of the Moon and Sun, controlling the movement of the planets. Jupiter is responsible for fortune, luck, fame and chance, being a very important planet for marriages – especially for the happy ones, as well as for the success in career. Under its influence, we find important people, with great ambitions – such as priests, ministers, politicians, or even religion teachers. The natives under the influence of Jupiter are very jovial, full of life and generally with a good temper.

However, there is also a negative aspect – it may lead to greed, excesses, grandeur, states of insecurity, perhaps even pessimism, or states of lack of adaptation, lethargy and depressions. Jupiter is the largest planet as shape in the solar system and it is associated with growth, opportunities, expansion, also representing wisdom, superior mental power, enthusiasm, generosity, goodwill and optimism. Its action aims the spiritual evolution, expansion and growth on every level.

The way in which Jupiter is positioned in a native’s astro-chart indicated destiny, faith or good disposition. It also shows the areas in which an individual may find accomplishment or spiritual growth, all sorts of opportunities and when it is well positioned, Jupiter will positively influence the philosophic, spiritual and intellectual capacities. When its influence is absent, pessimism appears in the respective native, lethargy, lack of adaptation, depression etc. If it is weakly issued, digestive disturbances may occur, diabetes, bile problems, flatus, indigestion, hepatitis, jaundice, hemorrhoids, obesity, weak digestion, malnutrition and others of the sort.

Planets of the Indian astrology – Saturn

Saturn, in the Indian astrology is known in Sanskrit as Shani, being a cold and dry planet. Its influence is not at all considered beneficial, but on the contrary ill-fated and when the moment in which this planet is unfavorably issued, the expectations are of failure, exhaustion, discouragement, neurosis, annoyance and difficulties on every level. Saturn is the one that destroys a house the moment it occupies it. When it is in a good mood, it may lead to honor, success, fame, love, wisdom, long life, authority, justice and good leading capacities.

The signs governed by Saturn are Capricorn and Aquarius, the planet itself being the sign of the “eternal employee”, making all the ones under its influence work on inferior, secondary positions – in which only routine, boring labors may be realized. The natives led by Saturn mostly reach principal functions at the end of their careers. Museographs, historians, archeologists and workers in refrigerating factories are also governed by this planet – which doesn’t make things easy, but on the contrary, it sends its native to work in heavy domains that involve discipline and responsibility. Saturn is the governor of the teeth – the heavy parts of the human body in general – the bones, knees, ears. It may create chronic diseases, coughs, colds, rheumatism, bronchitis, gingival inflammations, tuberculosis etc.

Planets of the Indian astrology – Rahu

Rahu means the Northern Node in Sanskrit, which equivalents the occidental astrology and according to the Hindu mythology, it represents a dragon head. People influenced by Rahu – especially when it is unfavorably issued – will behave as uneducated people, lacking culture; it governs thieves, magicians, venom, witches, poison, snakes, prisons, isolated places, uninhabited areas, plants with thorns, graveyards. According to the Purana, Rahu is also the node that gives power to the natives, managing to transform enemies into friends – often considered as the success planet. Rahu doesn’t govern any zodiac signs, considering the fact that it is not a real planet.

Planets of the Indian astrology – Ketu

Like Rahu, Ketu is also a lunar node, being the correspondent of the Southern Node in the occidental astrology. According to the Hindu mythology, Ketu is the tail of the dragon – in opposition with the head of the dragon, represented by Rahu. When the Moon, Sun and Ketu are situated on the same zodiac longitude, moon eclipses will take place. Ketu may resemble Mars, but in most cases, it is only the activator of the negative part of Mars – which is why the people under its influence will have secret opponents. Keto influences astrologists, doctors and people of the pharmaceutical industry.


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