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The Smallest Pets

The warmth of your home is always enhanced by the presence of a pet, but for those who do not have too much space to offer, choosing a small pet that will be able to cheer you up would be perfect, so the following article will present you some of the smallest pets in the world.

Guinea pig is one of the smallest pets in the world, being the ideal friend for children. They are not demanding, needing a terrarium with sawdust and a healthy diet. Guinea pig can be left to "wander" in the house, but you should pay attention to the narrow places, because there are high chances for the little animal to get stuck. It is very sociable and adapts quickly.

Another pet of very small sizes is the hamster, much smaller than a guinea pig. Hamsters are some cute rodents that will entertain you every time. They are sociable and friendly with children. They must be kept in a large, roomy cage and is advisable to put at their disposal some toys, specially designed for them, because they are pretty active. Hamsters will entertain and make you smile every time you see them running on a wheel or trying to fill their mouth with plenty of food.

Squirrel is a special pet. Even if they've just recently been regarded as pets, squirrels are perfect for children older than 8 years. They are very energetic and attention-dependent master. They are extremely playful.

Turtle is also a small pet that needs special attention, despite its sizes. Frogs are demanding in terms of food and shelter. They love to be given attention.

A pet that has become increasingly sought, and small as well, is the dwarf pig. These miniature pigs are very intelligent and smart, and their behavior resembles that of a dog. They are friendly and sociable. They are energetic and need plenty of exercise, especially as they are prone to obesity. They are very clean and they will not poop where they live and, more importantly, they are very resistant. Favorite foods are cereals, but they also eat fruits and vegetables.

In the category of small pets there are included small dogs breeds. The smallest breeds are Chihuahuas, Bichon, Pinscher, Shitzu, Toy Terreir. If you want a puppy but do not have enough space to raise a dog of medium or large size , these type of dogs are ideal. They are outstanding friends that require attention from you.

The lizard is a pet particularly suitable for children over 10 years. Lizards are not demanding, and if they are grown in favorable conditions, their life expectancy can be even 20 years. They are shy, but if you give them the required attention, they will become more sociable.

A new small pet can also be considered the tarantula, which has sparked the interest of adults. Keeping a tarantula is a very interesting and in the same time a not so easy activity, because their needs are special. They are very active and sometimes aggressive.

The rabbit's popularity grows increasingly more. They are very friendly and very intelligent. They can come when called and can be trained to defecate in the litter. They love to be given attention but are not accustomed to stress and therefore are not suitable for children under 10 years old.

Cage birds are also excellent small companions. Parrots are colorful, energetic and very playful. They are affectionate towards their owners, especially when they feel that they are cared. Most are able to mimic voices or other sounds, so the company of these birds is a delight.

The ferret is one of the small pets as well. It is a fury curios flock, who likes to explore all over the house. It has a very strong personality.

Chinchilla is one of the finest small pets in the world. Their fur is so soft that everything you'll want is to keep them in your arms, and the diversity of colors is peculiar. Although they are very fragile and sensitive, these small animals have a lifespan of up to 20 years.

Pygmy hedgehogs are some very cute animals. They are not demanding and are very friendly with people. Their maximum weight reaches 300 g during adulthood, and they are different from their wild relatives.

For any of these little pets from which you'll choose, the benefits will be the same. You will gain a true companion and your life will seem much more cheerful. Having a small pet will give you extra energy and relaxation, and much good humor.

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